iPad Pro (M4) vs. iPad Air (M2): Upgrades and Innovations

Posted by iCoverLover on Jun 18, 2024

The latest iPads from Apple, namely the iPad Pro (M4) and iPad Air (M2), have introduced several exciting upgrades over their predecessors. These improvements make them standout devices for both casual and professional users. Let’s delve into the key advancements and why they make these iPads superior to previous models.

Significant Upgrades in iPad Pro (M4)

  1. Performance Boost with M4 Chip:
    • The M4 chip delivers a substantial performance boost with its 10-core CPU and 16-core GPU, enhancing processing power by about 20% compared to the M2 chip. This makes the iPad Pro (M4) exceptionally powerful for tasks like video editing, 3D modeling, and gaming.
    • Advanced machine learning capabilities are also significantly improved, facilitating more efficient and complex computations for AI-based applications.
  2. Enhanced Display:
    • The Liquid Retina XDR display now offers even higher brightness and better contrast ratios, perfect for viewing HDR content. The ProMotion technology, with its 120Hz refresh rate, ensures ultra-smooth visuals, whether for gaming, designing, or streaming videos.
    • This makes the display not only more vibrant but also more responsive, particularly beneficial for creative professionals.
  3. Superior Connectivity and Storage:
    • Enhanced Thunderbolt/USB 4 support facilitates faster data transfer and better connectivity with external devices. This is crucial for users dealing with large files and needing quick transfer speeds.
    • Storage options now reach up to 2TB, accommodating vast amounts of data without compromising performance, essential for professionals who need to store large files on their devices.
  4. Advanced Camera System:
    • The iPad Pro’s camera system now includes better low-light performance and a more accurate LiDAR Scanner, enhancing its capabilities for augmented reality (AR) applications. This makes it ideal for businesses and creatives who utilize AR for presentations and design work.

Noteworthy Improvements in iPad Air (M2)

  1. Upgraded M2 Chip:
    • The M2 chip in the iPad Air models provides a significant performance boost with an 8-core CPU and 10-core GPU. This makes the new Air models much more capable for a variety of tasks, from gaming to video streaming and light professional work.
    • Compared to the previous A-series chips, the M2 offers faster processing speeds and better graphics performance.
  2. Brighter and More Color-Accurate Display:
    • The Liquid Retina display in the iPad Air models is brighter and more color-accurate, enhancing the viewing experience for media consumption and creative tasks. This improvement is particularly noticeable when editing photos or watching high-definition videos.
  3. Improved Connectivity:
    • The USB-C port now supports USB 3 speeds, enabling faster charging and improved accessory support. While it lacks Thunderbolt, it still provides excellent connectivity options for everyday use.
  4. Software Enhancements:
    • The iPad Air now supports advanced iPadOS features like Stage Manager, which enhances multitasking and productivity. This makes the device more versatile and useful for both work and entertainment.
    • The support for Apple Pencil (2nd generation) allows for precise input, making it a great tool for artists and note-takers.

Why These Upgrades Matter

Future-Proofing and Performance

  • For Professionals: The iPad Pro models are ideal for professionals who need top-tier performance and advanced features for demanding tasks. The M4 chip and improved display make them perfect for intensive workflows.
  • For Casual Users: The iPad Air models offer an excellent balance of performance and affordability. They are perfect for users who need a powerful device for everyday tasks without the high price tag of the Pro models.

Enhanced User Experience

  • The new displays, faster processors, and better connectivity options enhance the overall user experience, making these iPads more enjoyable and efficient to use.
  • The improved camera systems and AR capabilities open up new possibilities for creative and professional applications, making these devices versatile tools for a variety of tasks.


The latest iPad Pro (M4) and iPad Air (M2) models from Apple have introduced substantial upgrades that significantly enhance performance, display quality, and connectivity. The iPad Pro (M4) stands out with its powerful M4 chip, advanced display technology, superior connectivity, and enhanced camera system, making it ideal for professionals engaged in demanding tasks. On the other hand, the iPad Air (M2) offers a balanced combination of performance and affordability, featuring an upgraded M2 chip, brighter display, improved connectivity, and software enhancements. These upgrades make both models more capable and versatile, catering to a wide range of user needs from casual use to professional applications.

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