Protect Your Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra with the Best Phone Cases in Australia

With the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, you get a sleek and powerful phone model in Samsung's long line of flagship smartphones. But with the power and features comes the responsibility to protect your phone from an unexpected tumble. Thankfully, we have top-notch, precisely-fitted phone cases and screen protectors for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra that will protect your phone. But with so many products on the market, it can be tough to figure out which offers the best protection and style. So you don't have to go phone case shopping aimlessly. Let us run you through the best cases for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, with all the information content you need to make an informed, detailed decision.

Best Protection for Your Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Phone

Shock and drop protection are increasingly important for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra owners, as accidental drops and other disasters can result in costly repairs. There are two main types of shockproof and drop-proof protection: heavy duty cases, which feature durable hard material like metal or plastic and offer maximum protection against impacts; and flexible cases, which feature soft material like rubber or silicone that has excellent shock absorption characteristics. The right type to go with depends on the user's lifestyle, and personal preferences. For example, some people like slim fit, thin transparent cases, while others will choose patterned, more unique products. Men and boys might choose a bumper gaming phone case that adds grip, while women and girls may prefer a cute phone cover.

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Black, Clear, Brown, Rose Gold, Red, Green, Pink, Purple


Protective Armor, Folio Wallet, Back Cases


Plastic, Genuine Leather, PU Leather


iCoverLover, Fierre Shann, EFM, OtterBox


Frequently Asked Questions

Is my phone the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G model?

To find your Samsung Galaxy model from the Samsung S Series year 2023 (S23 Ultra / S23+ / S23), please follow our compatibility devices guide for Samsung Galaxy phones, where you will input the model number and it will provide you with the information required to assist with the purchase of your phone case. In case you are still unsure, you can always message our helpful support team at and we will get back to you within 24 business hours.

Do the older Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra accessories fit the newer Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra phone?

The new Galaxy S23 Ultra is bigger than the predecessor Galaxy S22 Ultra, meaning the old, smaller covers do not fit the new larger model. The screen protectors do not match either due to the fact that the screen edges do not curve as much as before.

What are the included free goodies?

Eligible Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra phone cases come with a front screen protector made out of plastic for maximum compatibility and a splash-resistant bag for when you want to protect the surface of your device from sand, dust, and other grime that might damage your smartphone. If you would like to have tempered glass screen protectors either for your mobile phone screen or a camera lens, we have them available too, but they are not free.

Which cases are currently the most popular ones?

Current bestsellers range from a slim protective back cover to a beautifully crocodile patterned green folio case:

For Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Case, iCoverLover Slim Shock-proof Cover, Clear

For Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Case, Armour Shockproof Tough Cover, Kickstand, Black

For Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Case, PU Leather Flip Wallet Folio Cover, Black

For Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Case, Armour Protective Strong Cover, Black

For Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Case Otterbox Defender Cover Black

For Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Case, Fierre Shann Crocodile Pattern Genuine Leather Wallet Cover, Green

These covers work best in combination with Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Black Full 3D Tempered Glass Screen Protector and the iCoverLover For Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Camera Lens Protector, Tempered Glass, 2-pack.

How can I create custom phone cases for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G?

Use our designer tool to design your own personalized cover. Creating stylish, fun, pretty designs is a perfect way to express your personality and protect your device at the same time. Having a new one-of-a-kind design such as a company image logo, name or a marble design on your phone cover is definitely something captivating.

Where are our products located?

We store stock, pick, pack, and ship in Australia at two different distribution centers, with the main one being in Hendon, South Australia, and the second in Dandenong, Victoria.

How do we ship our products?

Our main shipping partner is Australia Post and we exclusively use them to ensure all of our customers are able to receive their items, regardless of their delivery location.

Which shipping options are available?

All deals in the iCoverLover store come with free Australia wide delivery. At checkout, we also calculate the total price of orders and offer free Australia Post Express delivery when the amount is above $80, which otherwise costs $11.50. There is also an added tracking option that is calculated in 5 different tiers: $0-$29.98 is $4.99, $29.99-$39.98 is $3.99, $39.99-$49.98 is $2.99, $49.99-$59.98 is $1.99, $59.99-$80 is $0.99. Australia Post also offers international world shipping that ensures your item is tracked and traced.

Do you offer items only for Samsung Galaxy phones?

At iCoverLover you can also purchase a wide range of accessories for Apple iPhone, Apple iPad tablets, Apple AirPods, Apple Watch, Galaxy S, Galaxy Note, Galaxy A, Galaxy Z, Galaxy Buds, Galaxy Tab, and Google Pixels.

Are there other accessories that are compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G available in our store?

We offer screen protectors made out of tempered glass, wireless chargers, USB cables, and other tech merchandise that enhances your smart home. From audio speakers, wireless headphones to enjoy your music and wall charger in the color white, they provide ease of use whether you are playing video games like a pro or working out to improve your health and fitness. Please note that MagSafe compatible items interfere with the S-Pen, which should be taken into consideration when adding to the cart.

What are top bundle deals for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra?

These bundle packs include top-grade cases and glass screen protectors, offering complete safety and value for your device. Choose iCoverLover for unmatched protection and savings.

  1. Case + Glass Screen Protector: This bundle includes a case along with a full glass screen protector and comes with a free plastic screen protector and splash bag.
  2. Case + Glass Screen Protector + Camera Lens Protectors [2-Pack]: This 3-in-one bundle offers a case, glass screen protector and camera lens protectors providing all-around protection for your Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. It comes also with a free plastic screen protector and splash bag.

For more details, you can visit iCoverLover's Bundle Offers.

Is creating an account beneficial for me?

An account enables adding your favourite item choices from different brands to the wish list. By also subscribing to our newsletter, our readers receive up-to-date news at different times of the month, where at the bottom, we include discount codes which you are able to make use of when checking out. At checkout, you apply the coupon to your order and save money on your purchase.

I would like to order a phone cover, tablet case, or some other accessories for my friend but I don't know their device model. Do you offer gift cards?

Yes. Gift certificates are sent to the recipient's email address. Shop them here.

What do our customers think about shopping on our site?

Read through the reviews and testimonials where other shoppers have left describing their shopping experience and products they've received, including different photos of the actual accessories as well as the warranty process in some cases. After using the item for 14 days, the verified buyer had a good understanding of the product and was able to provide a detailed review of their experience, from the quality of the materials used to the comfort of the product in their hand.