Live Captions Soon Available for Phone Calls

Posted by Anja, iCoverLover on Mar 08, 2021

Live Caption is an automatic captioning system that makes content more accessible. With one tap, Live Caption automatically adds captions to the media playing audio on your smartphone. This feature starts working as soon as speech is detected and it can function without needing Wi-Fi or phone data. Live Caption works with podcasts, videos, audio messages and even with videos you record yourself if there is audio in it.

(Video How To Live Caption Calls on the Pixel 4a by Google)

Live Caption feature was first introduced in Android 10 and it supports only English, for now. Captions can be placed anywhere on the screen so they don’t get in the way. All captions stay private and they are never stored or sent to Google. To turn on Live Captions, go to Settings, tap Sound, then click on Live Caption and toggle Live Caption at the top.

Rumour has it that an updated version is coming on Android 11 and it will support Live Caption for phone calls. A user on the other end of a phone call will be warned about call captions being turned on. 

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