Impressive Bottle Opener iPhone Case for the iPhone 4 & 4s, 5 & 5s and 6 & 6s

Posted by iCoverLover on Mar 11, 2016


You've finished a hard days grind, the sun is setting and you've got that Friday feeling (even if it's Tuesday).

On the way home you grab a takeaway and a few beers to compliment it and call over a few buddies.The pizza is steaming hot, the guys turn up and you put the game on.

Everyone gets an ice cold beer and you relax, lay back on the sofa, TV remote in hand ready to ease into a relaxing night with your buddies, enjoying good food and tasty beer. But there's one problem, you've left the bottle opener in the kitchen, or worse yet, you've lost the opener.

Well fear not for this ingenious unique iPhone cover has got your back.

Black Bottle Opener iPhone 6 & 6S Case


This awesome Sydney based cover that fits the iPhone will save your bacon and ensure that you never have to crack any teeth or risk a lighter exploding in your face.Now you can open any beer no matter where you are by just sliding out the integrated stainless steel bottle opener from this sleek, cool and invaluable iPhone case.

Never get caught out in the outback without a means to crack open a cold one.


This might just be the best iPhone cover you have discovered in Australia and it's sure to make you popular at parties, festivals and outdoor gigs.

Your friends are going to love you when you pull this one out of the bag and save the day.

These days people are looking for protection and style but when you can throw functionality into the mix as well, then you've got a multifaceted phone cover that will win over friends, make you the go to person at parties and impress your date when sat on the beach enjoying the sunset with an icy bottle of cider.

Black Bottle Opener iPhone 6 & 6S Case


Now there is no need to go on a treasure hunt through the kitchen drawers. You won't be swearing when you can't get access to your well earned beers.

You're all the way down the garden and you forgot the one key thing needed to access the sweet beer nectar? No worries, pull out your phone, slip out the stainless steel bottle opener and gloat as you put this practically designed cover to use.

Not only does it protect your phone but it ensures that no one is going dry at the party and that there will be no drunken scrambles in the dark looking for the key to the blissful beer.

You're going to look cool as ice when you pop the cap off a bottle with this bad boy knowing that you'll always have a trusting, every ready friend at hand to help you out in those sticky situations. The iPhone 4,5 & 6 (and S versions) bottle opening cover ensures you are never again caught short by having possibly the most useful and coolest phone case in the whole of Australia.


Bottle Opener iPhone 4 & 4S Case