Exciting Selfie Phone Cases – be always in the spotlight!

Posted by iCoverLover on Aug 09, 2016

Nowadays everyone has a smartphone handy 24/7, and with that comes the potential for pictures, especially selfies! But what happens when you’re out with friends and the lighting is less than subpar? Never fear, the selfie light case is here

The selfie light for iPhone fits the most modern iPhone designs and provides professional LED lightning for all of your selfies, with just a click of the on/off switch away. The forward facing reliable LED light provides a complementary glow, perfect for those quick snaps while you’re out with friends. If you’ve ever been out for a fun night with friends and felt disappointed when there wasn’t the right light to capture that special moment, then the selfie light case is just what you need. And with the selfie light, there is no worry over ever running out of battery power. The case has a built in, rechargeable battery that is chargeable with the included USB charging cable. Don’t worry about batter drainage either. The battery in the case is not connected to your phone which means your light lasts longer and will keep your selfies looking amazing.

                 Black Selfie Light iPhone 6 & 6S Case Black Selfie Light iPhone 6 & 6S Case

With the modern advancements in smart phone technology, people are bringing their phones more places, and using them to record all of their special moments at the touch of a button. With the selfie light for iPhone, you won’t have to worry about damaging your phone or your new, favorite accessory. The selfie light case is constructed out of tough, bump resistant polycarbonate. The modern material keeps also does double duty and keeps your iPhone protected from daily wear. So not only do you get an amazing light for taking pictures, but you also get built in phone protection at an incredible value.

With the increasing value and importance that phones play in our daily lives, it only makes sense that the item we carry with us the most would be versatile and useful in all areas. Pictures on phones work well in daylight, and can help us record all of the most memorable moments. They are also incredible utilities for taking pictures of lists, noting important details and generally contributing to your daily life. With the selfie light case, you can guarantee that this important tool is available at all times of day.

The best part about the selfie light case is that itcomes with a free screen protector, which is valued at $15, and a splash resitant bag valued at $20. As if this incredible value wasn’t enough, the selfie light also ships with free standard delivery within Australia. Not located in the land down under? Express post and international postage options are also available at checkout.

We’re always interested and excited about the newest and greatest advancements in smartphone accessory technology. The selfie light combines functionality with versatility, helping to make a useful tool even more flexible for today’s modern phone user and picture taker.