How Google Drive Can Help You Streamline Your Phone Storage And Organisation

Posted by iCoverLover on Jan 21, 2023

Are you aware that keeping your documents and files in order can help you get your task done easily? As a matter of fact, your device storage won't be too choked with diverse files, and you could be of help to your colleagues. 

Google Drive_storage options

Luckily for you, Google has developed a tool called Google Drive that can help you sort your documents, videos, pictures, and other information, categorise them into folders and so keep them in order. Drive is also seamlessly connected to apps like Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides, as well as cloud-native collaboration apps to help your team collaborate and create more efficiently on the go.

By creating an account, users can easily access their documents and collaborate on them with their friends and co-workers, allowing them to keep track of their progress, store their work securely, and share their documents with others in a safe and secure environment, making it a great app for both personal and professional use. This is also very convenient as you can access the Google Drive account from anywhere, any computer, smartphone or another device that allows you to use a browser and connect to the internet.

Features of Google Drive

There are quite a number of features on Google Drive that you'd find fascinating and helpful during your work or daily activities. A few of the many features will be shared with you below. 

Advanced search 

The advanced search feature is one of the features in Google Drive that comes in handy when you have a lot of files or documents uploaded to the Drive. 

With this feature, you just have to type a few words that are in the document's title. And all the documents or files with the words or letters will be listed for you to find the file you truly need.

Board affiliation 

One of the most important codes in an organisation is teamwork. When there's teamwork, you could share ideas that would push the organisation forward. With Google Drive, you can share documents, presentations, and spreadsheets with your colleagues. 

When you share files with them, you can see which one of them is working on the documents and what changes they are making. The Drive makes team collaboration easier than you ever knew. 

Starring files 

If you have a lot of documents or folders, finding one you need at a particular time can be tricky. However, there's a feature amongst other features on Google Drive that allows you to "star" an important file or folder - thereby prioritising them. 

All you need to do is click on "add star" on the right side of the document. Then, go to "starred" to find the files you added a star to. 

Benefits of Google Drive

Google Drive has plenty of benefits, but a few of them will be shared with you below. 

Allows you to share with a link

You can share the link with as many people as you want, and you can manage access to those with the link, giving them permission to view, edit, or comment. 

Very easy to use

You don't have to go through the stress of looking for how to store your documents or how to start writing. 

Once you open the Drive, you will be presented with a menu that will show you all your documents and a plus sign that will give you the option to start a new document or access additional options. Also, all you just need to do is have a stable network connection to upload, share, or start writing a new document.

Any kind of file can be stored 

You can save your videos, presentations, images, and any pdf or other file that you want, regardless of the size and the content. This is because Google Drive allows up to 15GB of free storage. You have the option to purchase more space if needed. 

Alternatives to Google Drive

There are other platforms you can use to save your information aside from Google Drive. They are listed below:


One Drive is similar to Google Drive, as you can store your photos and documents on it without any problems. It can be used on both iPhone and Android. 

The best way to store your photos and documents is to use a cloud storage service, which is available on both iPhone and Android, allowing you to easily access your data from anywhere in the world in a secure and convenient way.


Dropbox is another cloud storage platform that you can use to store your information. Dropbox can also be used in an organisation, supporting teamwork and many other things for the development of a business. 


Google offers many products that are helpful and easy to use. One of them is Google Drive, an important cloud storage tool for every business or individual as it allows team collaboration, advanced search, and storing of files of different sizes. Also, if you don't want to use Google Drive, you can use other platforms like Dropbox or OneDrive.