Will the price of iPhone 7 and 7 PLUS drop when iPhone 8 comes out?

Posted by iCoverLover on Sep 05, 2017

Do you want to own an iPhone 7 and 7 PLUS at a much cheaper price than it is today? If so, it would be wise of you to purchase at a time when the next flagship of an Apple will be released. History shows us that when launching the newest iPhone model, the price of the previous models is going to drop.

Will the price of iPhone 7 and 7 PLUS drop when iPhone 8 comes out?

Throughout the years, Apple has their own constant drops at prices when they launch a new upgraded model of an iPhone. In fact, during the release of an iPhone 4S in October 2011, it was priced at 814.30 AUD. By June, though, of the following year, the price was decreased by at most 125.47 AUD. The price was dropped to 501.88 AUD shortly after the iPhone 5 has been released.

The price on an iPhone 5 has also the same scenario. It was released in September of 2012 at 814.30 AUD. It has a price drop shortly after it was released and the price went to 690.09 AUD and went further with its 508.16 AUD price drop. A month after the new model, iPhone 5S, has its debut, the price became 501.88 AUD.

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When the Apple iPhone 5S hit the markets on its release by September 2013, it was priced 814.30 AUD. It started having discounts for the next few months in the market and the price reached 403.06 AUD which went further down when the iPhone 6 was released. The price went to 627.35 AUD and in its second year in the market, the iPhone 5S can be bought at 375.16 AUD.

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At 2014, the iPhone 6 was released in the market with the same starting price as that of the previous iPhone models, 814.30 AUD. During the course of the remaining year, the price has dropped to an 803.01 AUD and 752.82 AUD in the following year. The price drop for iPhone 6 made it to 627.35 AUD when the iPhone 6S was announced and it even reached a 476.79 AUD to 376.41 AUD drop for the following months and especially when the iPhone 7 was released in the market.

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As a successor of the iPhone 6 which also made the price drop possible, iPhone 6S was released in the market at a price that is just the same as the earlier iPhone models. It then made its discount just a few weeks after its release and the price dropped to 564.62 AUD. it even dropped further after iPhone 7 made its debut which made the users buy it for 500.63 AUD. The price drop for iPhone 6S did not stop there though, it reached a 439.15 AUD price in the month of February of 2017.

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The same thing happened for the current flagship of Apple. iPhone 7 was released in the market at a price of 814.30 AUD, the same price as the earlier models of iPhone had on their release. Shortly after it was released though, it can be bought at 790.46 AUD. And with the 10th anniversary of Apple coming up, and as they are also releasing the newest flagship which is the iPhone 8, the iPhone 7 can drop further from 627.35 to 501.88 AUD. Based on the price drop pattern that the analysts and experts have seen during the releases of the previous iPhone models, the iPhone 7 price can definitely drop up to 376.41 AUD with the iPhone 8 showing up in the market.

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As the rumours have it, the upcoming Apple flagship, iPhone 8, is going to have a price that will be more than 1254.71 AUD. As this can be possible, the iPhone 7 may have a price drop that can be around 125.47 AUD and make its current price a little less of a hindrance to actually own an iPhone 7. In fact, this rate of price drop has been common as with the earlier models of iPhone as well.

The answer to your question on whether the price of iPhone 7 and 7 PLUS drop when the iPhone 8 comes out is a yes, based on the previous scenarios that have been going on in the Australian market. In fact, a few weeks after the release of the upcoming flagship, iPhone 8, is known to be the best time to buy yourself an iPhone of the previous model as price drops are very well expected to happen during these times.

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