What Can You Expect From the Apple Product Launch on September 12

Posted by iCoverLover on Sep 06, 2018

It’s the time of the year again. It is September now, and September has been the traditional month of Apple’s annual product launch.

Almost a decade ago, September marked the biggest change in the mobile device market, when Apple announced the very first iPhone. Now, in 2018, what groundbreaking stuff will the Cupertino-based tech giant reveal to the world on September 12?

Of course, with Apple being Apple, there isn’t much that is known about the upcoming announcement. There are, of course, rumors and suggestions surrounding the matter.

Gather Round

This year, Apple sent invitations to the upcoming event to several media outlets, as is the norm. This year, the invitation is more cryptic than what the company had put out in its invitations for the previous years’ announcements.

According to Tech Radar, the invitation features a cryptic golden circle set in front of a solid black background. Beneath the circle are the equally cryptic words, “Gather Round.”

In the spirit of invitations, of course, Gather Round could mean calling people over to gather around something. In this case, Apple’s announcement. However, much to the disappointment and curiosity of fans and onlookers alike, the invitation does not offer much of a clue to viewers.

There’s always a time for humor, of course. A CNet article shows the several attempts by Twitter users at trying to explain the mysterious circle and what people can expect during the launch.

Some of the funny ideas including the following:

●Sonic the Hedgehog coming to the launch. Sonic is known for collecting golden rings as he runs around every stage in every game that he is the titular character.

●Xena the Warrior Princess could be coming as a guest during the launch, as the character is known to carry around a silver ring as a weapon.

●Speculations that comedic actor Adam Sandler could be a guest during the event.

Some of the users even edited the image to their own interpretations. One example is Sadako, the killer ghost in the movie The Ring, coming out of the golden circle. Another example is a Black Hole in space, with the words “Gather Round” below it.

These, of course, are inconsequential to the actual launch. While there is no solid information known yet, there are leaks and speculations as to what Apple will unveil during the September 12 event that it will hold in the Steve Jobs Theatre in its Cupertino headquarters.

The Apple Park

First off, the golden ring is not something that Apple fans and members of the tech news outlets are not familiar with. In fact, it clearly represents the Apple Park, which CNet points out is selling t-shirts with the exact same logo.

At least, we all know that the Park is the likely venue for the upcoming event. Now, let us look at what the tech company is likely to reveal during its annual launch that will happen in the next 8 days.

Three New Phones

Apple employees Mark Gurman and Debby Wu revealed during an interview with Bloomberg that the company will be revealing three new phones during this year’s Apple Loop event.

One of these, the pair said, is an upgrade to last year’s extremely successful iPhone X. The other two, they added, are a “phablet” or phone-tablet iteration based also on the iPhone X, and a model intended to cater to the lower tiers of the price ranges.

While Wu and Gurman understandably revealed nothing specific, the Apple news site 9to5Mac.com has a little more for fans when it published its exclusive and official product images of the phones that it said will be revealed on September 12.

According to 9to5Mac.com, this year’s “upgrade” of the iPhone X will be called the iPhone XS. This, the website said, is indicative that 2018 will be a year of the S models.

This means that the company will not be announcing a product with a number higher than the iPhone X as is the norm in non-S years.

Furthermore, the site said that there will be two versions of the iPhone XS. One will have a 5.8-inch screen, and the other will sport a 6.5-inch version. Both will be carrying OLED screens.

Bringing the golden circle back in mind, the website specified that this year’s models will be offered in a new golden tone that iPhone users have not seen before.

Will there be new and drastic changes to the features of the rumored iPhone XS models? Well, Forbes said, Apple is not taking too much of a risk in that aspect.

However, the website said, while Apple is sticking to repeat businesses or customers with its “S” upgrades, there are still new stuff coming over in both hardware and software.

One of these, Apple’s user base will be happy to find out, is the iOS’ own version of the Gestures that have already been available to Android users. Apple is also turning its eye towards perfecting its cloud-based offerings to its loyal customers.

It’s also expected to introduce wireless charging for the first time to its product line.

In other words, Forbes concluded, while Apple is poised to bring in significantly new additions to its hardware and software solutions for the iPhone, none of these are exactly new in general to the smartphone market.

Non-Phone Products to Be Launched

In line with that, CNet believes that Apple will also be unveiling new accessories for its iPhones as well as other products that are not, well, phones.

One of these is a new Apple Watch, specifically the Apple Watch Series 4. CNet cites a report by the French news website Consomac, which revealed that Apple had filed documents pertaining to six new “wearable devices.”

While the documents are not entirely specific, CNet theorizes that it could mean six configurations or versions of the rumored Apple Watch Series 4 devices.

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