Upcoming Samsung Events

Posted by iCoverLover on Aug 15, 2017

It’s in the latter part of the year already but Samsung seems to have something in mind! They won’t let the year end with just the launching of the latest upgrade of the Samsung Galaxy series which are the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 PLUS. In fact, this coming August 23rd, it is rumoured that Samsung is going to have an event for the launching of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8! This is just an incredible year for the company.

The said event is called UNPACKED 2017 where the most awaited new member of the Galaxy series is going to be launched to the market in order to be made available to the public. This is going to be an awesome event and invitations for it have been made already in different businesses and companies.

Upcoming Samsung Events

The advertisement says, "Unpacked 2017: Do bigger things", as it is believed that this Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is going to be the most convenient of all the devices which belong to the Galaxy Note series. This is expected to offer unlimited possibilities to the user as this is considered to be the replacement for the failed Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Together with this news on the launch of Galaxy Note 8 on the 23rd, there are also some rumours that either got the confirmation or have just got the new updates!

For what seems like an updated rumour for the specs and features of the Galaxy Note 8 for Unpacked 2017, here are the following.

Upcoming Samsung Events


As was previously rumoured, Galaxy Note 8 is going to have the design that is somehow similar to that of the Samsung Galaxy S8 which has the thin bezels and rounded corners. It will also feature a dual lens camera with 12MP that can totally let you enjoy all of the fun stuff that you want to have a picture with. Although, it is expected to have a curved display which can measure 6.3 inches, and this is definitely larger than the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 PLUS.

Upcoming Samsung Events

Home Button removal Fingerprint Scanner relocation.

It is also rumoured that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will also not have the Home Button display anymore as it is going to be integrated with the phone's screen. As the rumours continue to escalate with the coming of the release date for Galaxy Note 8, the fingerprint scanner is rumoured to be relocated as well. This is going to be positioned on the rear of the handset which makes it kind of more convenient than the previous ones. Although, some analysts would say that doing so would only cause some inconvenience to the users. Well, we just have to wait for the actual release to find out more about this!

Upcoming Samsung Events

Enhanced S-Pen.

The rumoured enhanced S-Pen is also going to be released on the said Unpacked 2017 with the release of Samsung Galaxy Note 8! This means that the new feature is going to be available and this can offer a whole lot of great things for all of you.

The enhanced S-pen is also going to have some kind of a motor in order for you to easily find it when you accidentally misplace it. This is expected to be compatible with the Find My Mobile app so that you will not have to have a hard time in dealing with finding the item at any moment. You should watch out for more of its features too!

Upcoming Samsung Events

Smaller Battery.

Yes, you have read it right. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is going to have a smaller battery than the previous ones in the Galaxy Note series. Speculations have it that this is for the Korean company to play safely in the competition and avoid such tragic event from happening again with this new model.

Although there is a rumour on Galaxy Note 8 to have a smaller battery, there has not been another update that emphasizes on the lesser capacity of the said updated model, but this has been expected as well. The company has already tested the battery on different compatible devices in order to make sure that it is safe and that it can offer the best experiences of using Samsung Galaxy Note 8 for the public.

Upcoming Samsung Events


The public’s and analysts’ expectation for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 price is that it is going to be one of the most expensive that Samsung has created. This can mean that you should think wise whether you want an upgrade for your phone or a completely new device. Of course, this reflects your needs as well.

Unpacked 2017 where Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is going to be finally launched is the only major upcoming Samsung Event for this year. They need to be able to pull it out so that they can have another update for the next possible events for the following months towards the end of the year.

Upcoming Samsung Events

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