Is Online Shopping Safe while the Novel Coronavirus Threatens Our Everyday Routine?

Posted by iCoverLover on Nov 27, 2020

We're in the middle of the coronavirus crisis and people are asking themselves if online shopping is safer than actually going to the physical store? The very first answer would be yes, of course. But if you dig a little further, is it really? We believe it is and here are some reasons why.

Online Shopping During Coronavirus | iCoverLover Australia

Online shopping became a daily routine these days, probably also for those who haven’t done it before. You’re staying at home, in quarantine, you make order then safely and patiently wait for the package to be delivered. But then the package comes…and you start to worry if it might be infected by COVID-19… While many concerns about coronavirus spreading through the mail, according to CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), there is very low risk. Items that are shipped over a few days have a lower risk of transmission since the virus needs a living host to survive.

But still, just to feel safer, you can always use the disposable gloves when opening a package or mail and throwing envelopes or box in the garbage. Don’t hold your face close to the mail and when you removed the envelope or package, clean your hands with sanitizer. There is a very low chance the worker is sick or coughing while preparing your order, plus, the package would have to come to you very quickly for you to get infected. If you ordered clothes, wash and clean them like any other before putting them on.

What about the safety of the postal workers and brands’ employees that are preparing and delivering your order? Should we even be ordering things we don’t need to work or live right now? Well, we’re sure that all the companies are doing their best to keep their personnel healthy. They are taking precautions and adding enhanced safety measures for the workers in delivery and distribution. To keep delivery people safe, you can ask delivery service to drop the package on the floor.

There is also another point of view, the benefit of job retention. The workers get to keep working and they’re going to collect their salary as long as we’re making orders. We’re all aware that small businesses are going to be the first and the hardest to hit by the coronavirus crisis. Be considerate who you order from, think through where you spend your money. The best way is to buy local, you may have to wait a bit longer for delivery (depends on the retailer), but you will be supporting small business.

Social distancing is important and there is nothing shameful about buying stuff online. In fact, making online shopping is the safer option that also prevents store closures due to coronavirus crisis.

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