Is Nokia making a comeback in the smartphone wars?

Posted by iCoverLover on Jul 18, 2017

Nokia has been one of the best and most competitive companies just a few years ago. They have come up with unique and definitely amazing phones that were able to satisfy the users for what they want. Their phones offered great applications and functions that make communication easier for the people around the world.

However, due to some reason, they seemed to have faded throughout the years. They were not able to participate in the smartphone wars among Samsung, Apple, and other companies. What really happened back there?

Is Nokia making a comeback in the smartphone wars?

Nokia has been the cell phone maker that is the most dominant all over the world. But then they have decided to quit in the year 2014 and they made it official by selling all of its handset activities to Microsoft. And now, good news! Nokia has made a new licensing deal in order to have their name brand on the phones and tablets of HMD. This time, Nokia devices are going to be manufactured by Foxconn which is also an amazing thing!

Thus, Nokia is finally back on track! Nokia is now making a comeback in the smartphone wars. Amazing!

As it turns out, the reason for Nokia fading was that the company was not able to have the right shift to the smartphone age. But now, with the help of a Finnish company was able to finally give permission to the Microsoft's handset brand to have partnership contract with Google and Foxconn. It has been truly amazing and now we should be expecting more of Nokia smartphones in the market!

Is Nokia making a comeback in the smartphone wars?

Microsoft has sold its smartphones of its own name, and that with Lumia this year. But then, they have decided to abandon that business too. The Nokia brand name is now up and the HMD Global led by the veteran of Nokia, Arto Nummela, plans to launch the first model of a Nokia smartphone in the earlier part of 2018. This is totally awesome! The operating system for the said first Nokia smartphone ever!

This attempt would only be successful if the company would be able to steal some sales that both Apple and Samsung and all of the leading smartphone companies out there are having right at this moment. You see, there are just too many competitors on this side of the business. In fact, in an interview with Nummela, he confidently admitted that everybody is having different smartphones as of the moment.

Is Nokia making a comeback in the smartphone wars?

But then, are they really loyal to these companies? Since Nokia has been the most favorite company of the previous decade, what could make people restrain themselves from actually going back to the same company that has them connected for all those years?

Different companies may have different perceptions of people around the world. Well, in Asia, India, and Eastern Europe, Nokia has been known as the maker of cheap but favourable and more durable kind of phones. And, it is worth noting that Microsoft has only invested little in marketing the brand name for the recent years. So, what more could it be when they get to invest a little bit more? It might be expected that Nokia would just take a boom to make its existence legit and known to more people around the globe.

The history of Nokia and other phones by Microsoft has been really great throughout the years of their existence. Each year, there is at least one that has been placed on the spot for the best-selling smartphone. The only disadvantage that Nokia will have in the market is the fact that it has not been around in the business for a couple of years, how would it even stand the competition in the market? Additionally, all of the other companies have already created dozens of smartphones already and next year's launch would be the Nokia's first. This would mean that the other companies may have more experience in dealing with the system and Nokia might just find it difficult to strike back in the market.

Is Nokia making a comeback in the smartphone wars?

However, with Foxconn and Microsoft's collaboration, Nokia smartphone is believed to be a hit next year! As more and more people would get to know about this exciting news, there would be a lot of expectations and rumours to be attended to! This just makes the industry alive and kicking for the years to come.

This Nokia's first smartphone release wouldn’t be the only one when it will be accepted by the greater public. The main objective here aside from making money is to provide great convenience in the field of communication among the people in the society. With high-quality smartphones, this is never impossible to achieve.

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