iPhone X is Apple's most Breakable Phone?

Posted by iCoverLover on Dec 06, 2017

You might be thinking that the iPhone X, the latest iPhone that Apple has released this year, has the most profoundly outstanding features compared to all previous versions of iPhone models that were ever released, well, think again, for this iPhone is proven to have the most breakable glass ever.

iPhone X is Apple's most Breakable Phone

So, why breakable?

Well, according to this year’s review for the iPhone X, tester’s think that It may not be as durable as you think, the iPhone X has experienced a lot of damages when put into a battery/series of drop tests, making a straight point that it might not be as durable as what others think.

A lot of consumers have been complaining about the iPhone X’s durability when in fact most of them are almost already at the peak of being anxious all the time about dropping their phones accidentally, simply, for the reason that it breaks a lot easier than the previous versions of the iPhone.

Yes, the total percentage of the reviews from this iPhone is that it’s breakable enough to be proven as one of Apple’s most breakable iPhone. There’s a lot of issues regarding what will happen and what could happen if your iPhone X’s currently suffering a bad drop, leading to far more dangerous results than a normal breakage.

Since the iPhone X’s glass is proven to be very fragile, a single drop could already possibly lead to minor damages, and if dropped a couple of times, it might lead to High-risk damages that could possibly disable some of the functioning features of your phone.

Thanks to a series of drop tests that were conducted by tech-pros, a lot of issues from the iPhone X has been gathered along with the results of the tests. One is that its home swipe screen will easily get broken if the iPhone X itself will get dropped six feet from the ground, according to a tested review from the professionals at SquareTrade, a top warranty service providing company across the globe.

These tests didn’t just hinder the functionality of the iPhone X, but it also made a lot of disappointments to a lot of iPhone enthusiasts around the globe. This issue already led a lot of bad consumer feedback and gaining a lot of negative complaints about its durability and compactness.

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Your iPhone might need a lot of extra-protection

Now, since there’s a lot of issues revolving about its durability performance, the only remaining question still stands, “How are we going to protect this phone from causing any further breakage?”

In the first place, you need to put your phone’s life into a safer care. Protecting its outer core is as important as protecting its internal features. Putting your iPhone into a much riskier position is considered as a bad habit for users, for it may lead to a lot of tension to your iPhone that may also lead to a lot of damage if forgotten to be taken care of immediately.

A lot of daily consumers from the iPhone X’s services are regularly depending on the strength of their iPhones and the durability of the iPhone itself.

That’s why most of the population of its consumers are regularly purchasing tempered glasses for extra-protection and some are buying original cases to protect it regardless about its built-in protection because some meticulous users want extra-protection for their phones which is already a good habit.

Buying an extra safety-protection kit for your phone to protect it from further damages isn’t a big deal at all. It’s just a safety habit of protecting your phone while safeguarding it from the side-effects that a single damage might probably do. Taking into a consideration that your regular iPhone X is a very fragile device that needs absolute protection.

How do you protect your iPhone X?

In order to protect your iPhone from harm’s way, here’s a list of protective ways in taking care of your iPhone X.

•   Buying an extra-protective case. A simple case is always a casual option for protecting your iPhone from minor scratches and bumps, but it isn’t always the best option to protect your iPhone from a far more dangerous situation. Buying an extra-protective case might be quite expensive, but it’s totally worth the risk for your iPhone’s safety.

•    Buying an extra Screen Protection/Tempered Glass. Providing your iPhone with a proper supply of protection kit is always a charm. Keep in mind that the iPhone X is a tough one to handle, protecting it is a very careful task, but keeping an extra set of screen protection is already an act of responsibility.

  • Choosing the right place to keep your phone. Always make sure that your phone is always stored in the proper place before doing anything else. Think about its safety while making sure that it’s protected and safe. Safety first is needed to avoid future damages.
  • Be extra-vigilant when it comes to protecting your phone. Make sure whenever you’re handling your phone, you’ll be extra-careful always. It’s always a pro-tip to be extra careful whenever carrying such fragile devices along with you.
  • Extra-protection is always the main solution to avoid any further problems. Not all devices are made to be fully defined to be close to perfection, not even the iPhone X. While Apple has seemingly claimed to miss the fact that their phones aren’t as durable as they think it is, it didn’t change the fact that there are still so many people that are hyped to use the iPhone X.

    A simple durability test wouldn’t stop a lot of iPhone enthusiasts from buying the product. From that alone, it’s an extra-careful duty for users to put a lot of effort into making sure that their iPhone models are extra-protected all the time. Knowing that no one would ever want to have scratches and other visible damages on their phones that might lead to more problems if unprotected.

    Unwanted dents and scratches from our Phones are always one of the main priorities for the consumers, and for that to be more fully-supported, purchasing additional cases that would safeguard your phone’s already a heads up if you’re aiming for that total protection. A simple extra-casing isn’t much of a big deal to handle.

    So, if you’re looking for extra-protective cases for your iPhone X, to make sure that your iPhone is safely protected and secured all the time, you might want to check this website out. In fact, here are some teasers for cool, new choices of protective cases that are available for you! Enjoy!

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