Genuine Leather Covers for Galaxy Note 8, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 PLUS

Posted by iCoverLover on Sep 26, 2017

The smartphone giants have recently released their latest flagships! Samsung has the Galaxy Note 8 while Apple has the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 PLUS. These newly-released smartphone upgrades have their own competitive specs and features that can even make you uncertain of which to choose. As these offer impressive services for your convenience, you should also make some move in order to enjoy these as long as you can. Taking into consideration the dangers that the daily wear and tear can cause to your either Galaxy Note 8, iPhone 8, or iPhone 8 PLUS, it is important that you have in mind how you can keep your device in a perfect condition for use.

Choosing the best protection for your smartphone is as crucial as choosing which of the new releases you are going to have. As your phone definitely needs a phone cover, you need to check the capabilities that it can offer. You can take note of the special features such as a wallet design where you can keep your cards and cash, and especially, the kind of style that it has. It would be perfect if you choose one that fits your fashion. Moreover, you might also want to opt for a durable material that a phone cover is made out of.

With these in mind, you can have a genuine leather cover for your smartphone. It lets you to have a durable material for the protection of your Galaxy Note 8, iPhone 8, or iPhone 8 PLUS. This kind of phone cover also provides a gentle texture so that you feel comfortable when using your smartphone.

iCoverLover Black Vertical Flip Genuine Leather iPhone 8 & 7 Case                          iCoverLover Black Real Top-grain Cow Leather Wallet Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Case

iCoverLover Genuine Leather covers gives you protection and style. You can expect a durable protection for your Galaxy Note 8, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 PLUS with this because of the impressive genuine leather material that this kind of phone cover has. In fact, you can also have enough of the distracting scratches on your device because of the protection that the cover offers.

But do not worry about style. With impressive protection comes a suitable fashion. This can definitely blend into your fashion statement. Plus, the convenience that the wallet style offers is just on point. You can store cards and some cash here for safe storage and safekeeping.

Brown Handmade Genuine Leather Fashion iPhone 8 PLUS & 7 PLUS Case                          Fashion Black Oil Wax Cowhide Genuine Leather Wallet iPhone 8 & 7 Case


With a genuine leather phone case, you can have a durable protection against the bumps and scratches that are bound to happen on your smartphone, be it Galaxy Note 8, iPhone 8, or iPhone 8 PLUS. You just can’t know what the exact time when it can happen but with this phone cover, you let your device be protected from any major damages.

One more awesome function of a Fashion Genuine Leather is that it can have a card slot as well. With a card slot available you can safely keep your credit cards with you in anywhere you want to go. You will not lose it by misplacing it on your work desk because you can just keep it with your smartphone. This is totally an impressive design!

Red Fierre Shann Copper Coin Leather Wallet iPhone 8 & 7 Case                     Fierre Shann Genuine Cow Leather Wallet iPhone 8 PLUS & 7 PLUS Case

Fierre Genuine Leather phone case can also let you have a fashionable style without compromising the protection that it can offer to your Galaxy Note 8, iPhone 8, or iPhone 8 PLUS. This phone cover offers a lot of unique features!

For the convenience of your use, you can utilize its wallet style as you can store your cards or cash into the single card slot available. But the convenience does not end there. You can also have the cover be easily folded back so that you can have a stand when you want to view media on your phone in a landscape view. That’s right, you do not have to hold it for the whole duration of an online movie streaming.

With Genuine Leather as a phone cover, you can be certain about the safety of your smartphone. You can secure the exteriors of your Galaxy Note 8, iPhone 8, or iPhone 8 PLUS. Without a phone cover, imagine the damages that the dust and dirt accumulation can cause. There is going to be an untidy device which you do not even want to bring anywhere near you, otherwise, other people's impression of you is definitely going to be negative. Plus, defects and other internal system errors may occur also, and this is certainly a hassle for you. Now, why would you want these to happen when there is a reliable and durable phone cover for you?

If you go for a smartphone protection that lasts, stylish and fashionable, and offers convenience, then you can finally settle with Genuine Leather Covers! These are the perfect suggestions for you to have in your choice of smartphone whether it is going to be a Galaxy Note 8, iPhone 8, or an iPhone 8 PLUS. Each of these simply deserves to be protected. This goes for you as well because the longer your device lasts, the better you can make use of its wonderful specs and features!