Features of the iOS 14.5 We Are Most Excited About

Posted by Anja, iCoverLover on Feb 19, 2021

iOS Update Release

Apple is preparing for a release of the new iOS 14.5, which is already available to the public in beta version. There are a bunch of new features and improvements that are oriented towards the security and privacy of the user. iOS 14.5 is likely going to be available later this month. Let’s see some of the features we can expect or are already available for the beta version.

  1. Face ID will work even when wearing a mask but only if you have an Apple Watch. To unlock the phone, the user will have to simply raise the phone as if to use the Face ID and then watch will make a buzz to let you know that the phone is unlocked. However, this won’t work for purchases authentication, only for unlocking the iPhone.
  2. Apple users will now be able to set a default music player amongst all the music streaming services they have installed on their device. The first time you will ask Siri to play a song it will give you an option to use the player you like better, for instance, Spotify. That player will be set as your default player.
  3. Changes are coming also in the emoji department. iOS 14.5 will include more than 200 new emoji such as heart on fire, faces exhaling, faces in clouds and more. There will be also new skin-tone variations for more popular emoji such as couples kissing.
  4. Another novelty will be a new feature called App Tracking Transparency which will require apps to get your permission before tracking and sharing your data and activity.
  5. This update will make happy every gamer! Apple is adding support for PS5 and Xbox Series X controllers, so users can play games on their phone or tablet.
  6. “Hey, Siri, call an emergency”, is a new ability of Siri that comes in handy in case of an accident. Siri will call for help immediately, yet give you 3 seconds to have an option to cancel the request.
  7. Another potential new feature is coming for Apple Maps app. There will be an option to report accidents, hazards, and speed checks on the way and if enough people should flag the same thing a warning will appear on Apple Maps
  8. iPhone 12 users will now have an option to have two lines of service on the same phone. This means users will be able to take advantage of the phone’s physical SIM slot and digital eSIM.

We are excited about the new updates and can’t wait to try them all. However, we will wait for the actual release of the iOS 14.5, as the beta version can contain bugs.

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