Different Types of Phone Covers for Galaxy Note 8, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 PLUS

Posted by iCoverLover on Oct 03, 2017

You have the smartphone of your choice. The thing is, every manufacturer makes sure that their products have been made well in order to cater the needs of its users. Every smartphone is designed with the specs and features that are surely going to be useful and worth its price. Typically, a user is totally careful about a smartphone if it has just been recently purchased. But after a month or two of use, you might actually just leave it at places where you would only forget later on.

It is important that you care for your device at each moment of every day. However, you don’t need to exert so much of an effort on it. In fact, you only have to think of the best way on how to care for it even though you do not attend to it at most times of the day. Yes, that is possible. And correct, you need a reliable phone case for that. And of course, you should make sure that it does not compromise your fashion style.

The latest smartphones that have been released this year are the Galaxy Note 8, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 PLUS. As these are most likely to be your choice of devices that you want to have at any time soon, you might as well check the suggestions on what kind of phone case is best for your use.

Back Case.

Black Fierre Shann Luxury Leather Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Case   White Genuine Marble iPhone 8 & 7 Case  iCoverLover Black Slim Genuine Sheep Leather iPhone 8 & 7 Case

It is very important for you to mind the back exteriors of your phone. Placing it on any surfaces can cause untidy scratches and marks. The paint may even get off your phone at that. Thankfully, back cases are available for your phone, may it be the Galaxy Note 8, iPhone 8, or the iPhone 8 PLUS.

Most of the back cases for the phones have a built-in card slot. You can actually take advantage of this especially if you have your own favorite credit card, Opal card, and others. This actually provides added convenience for you so that you do not have to bring another holder for your cards. As a result, you have an awesome day because of the convinience of back cases.

Wallet style.

iCoverLover Black Real Top-grain Cow Leather Wallet Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Case    Black Fierre Shann Crocodile Genuine Cow Leather Wallet iPhone 8 & 7 CaseBlack Fierre Shann Buckle Leather Wallet iPhone 8 PLUS & 7 PLUS Case

It is definitely awesome if you have an all-in-one phone case. You do not have to bring your phone, credit cards, and even your cash in separate holders at the same time when you want to go from one place to another. This wallet style of phone cover brings you a lot of benefits with it. You can have a cover for your device, you can have card slots for your credit cards, Opal cards, etc., and you can also have an extra compartment for your cash. So, the next time you need to go out and buy something really important, you can just bring this wallet style of a phone cover for convenience.

Flip Cover.

Black Smart Frosted Leather Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Case   iCoverLover Black Vertical Flip Genuine Leather iPhone 8 & 7 Case  Black Fierre Shann Genuine Leather Flip iPhone 8 PLUS & 7 PLUS Case

Movies, videos, photos, and a lot more of multimedia are available in smartphones. You can do online streaming, browsing, and the like. You can also do messaging, access the social media sites, play virtual games, and others  with your phone. All of that entertainment should not be compromised. You need to have a phone cover that has a flip. This means that you can give your phone a shield against the probable crack that it can have with somehow a careless use. Dirt can also accumulate in your phone even without you noticing it. Not only does it affect your style, it might also damage the internal system of your phone causing it to malfunction.

You can get rid of that horrible scenario with a flip cover as your phone cover. As you can see, you can flip it open either horizontally or vertically, that just depends on how you like it to be. Some flip covers do have at least a card slot while the others do not have it. You can choose from a variety of flip covers and have one that totally suits your style.

Armor phone cases.

Coffee Tough Armor iPhone 8 & 7 Case    Black Anti-gravity Stick-on iPhone 8 PLUS & 7 PLUS Case Bronze Tough Armor Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Case

With armor phone cases, you can definitely have a tough protection against the impact of an accidental drop on your phone. Aside from the protection, it also provides the style that you need. It really is awesome because of its uniqueness and its reliability in giving your phone the utmost protection. You can trust armor phone cases to be durable for its service also.


Black Sports iPhone 8 PLUS & 7 PLUS Armband                       Purple Sports iPhone 8 & 7, 6, 6S Armband

Have you ever tried doing sports or having your exercise routine wherein you just can’t help but be bothered on what is happening on your smartphone already? Also, you might want to listen to your favourite songs while doing your activities which can definitely improve your performance. But, you need to be sensitive enough that you do not get to disturb the other people who are with you in the same place.

Thanks to this awesome armbands as phone cases, you can do whatever you want on your smartphone while you are doing your activities. For instance, you can actually listen to your very own playlist, or answer an urgent call. And that, even without having to spend a lot of time touching and manipulating your phone. You just have to use your earphones in order to make sure that nobody around is bothered by the noise that you can be making.

Bicycle bag.

Blue Bicycle iPhone 7 & 7 Plus / 6 & 6S / iPhone 6 PLUS & 6S PLUS Bag                   Black Bicycle Waterproof Large-Screen Mobile iPhone 8 & 7, 6, 5, 5S, SE, 5C, 4, 4S, 3 Bag  

In order for you to keep being fit, you need to exercise. One of the best exercises that you can have is cycling. It gives you cardiovascular workout while toning the muscles on your legs.

When you are cycling, you also need to have your smartphone with you just in case you will need it at any moment. However, you know you can’t cycle safely while holding your phone, right? This is the very reason why a bicycle bag is really important for you. It lets you have a safe storage for your phone as it also gives convenience to you as the one who goes cycling.

iCoverLover Unbreakable Hybrid Glass Screen Protector

iCoverLover Unbreakable iPhone 8, 7 (4.7inch Screen) Hybrid Glass Screen Protector            iCoverLover Unbreakable iPhone 8, 7 (4.7inch Screen) Hybrid Glass Screen Protector

Hybrid screen protector is a reliable and definitely durable screen protector for your phone. It gives you the security in order to keep your phone's screen from breaking. It actually has an optical 360-degree flexible material which makes it unbreakable but safe to use. You will not have any problem on the degree of responsiveness of your touchscreen phone because this is the world's thinnest screen protector being 0.15mm.

This awesome hybrid screen protector has three protective layers in order to achieve the satisfaction that you deserve. It has a Nano anti-smudge layer to eliminate your fingerprints on it, an anti-shock layer that filters the impact of an accidental fall on your phone, and a bubble-free glue layer in order to make sure that your screen does not have any bubble upon application.

It is best for you to have this screen protector because your phone is just too valuable to have its screen broken over a simple drop. You need to be certain about the screen protector that you get for your phone because it would really be a disappointment to have your screen broken in such a short period of time. This is an extra precaution right in front of you.

These are the type of phone covers that you can have for your Galaxy Note 8, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 PLUS. Remember, prevention is better than cure. Although it sounds more likely to be a medical phrase, it can also apply to your smartphone as well. The point is that you need to take care of it and just overwhelm yourself of the many benefits that it can give you.