Create Your Own Phone Case and Personalise it!

Posted by iCoverLover on Oct 17, 2017

Smartphones have already become a part of our daily lives. Wherever you go or whatever you do, your smartphone is always with you. Well, the problem is all smartphones are almost identical, varying only on colours and other minor details. That is why you choose to use phone covers not only for added protection but also for style and fashion. You would also want yours to be unique as possible and there is no better way to have a unique cover by having it custom made. You can express your creativity and thoughts by having a personalized case.

Why Custom-made?

Having a custom-made case does not only add fashion and design to your smartphone but also makes it unique and recognizable. Just like any other case, it is also effective for protection of your phone. And the best part of having a custom-made is being able to express who you are. Choosing also your own design will guarantee your satisfaction when it finally comes in with your smartphone.

Why ICoverLover?

Custom print iPhone 5/5S/SE, 6/6S, 6PLUS/6s PLUS, 7/7 PLUS, 8/8PLUS, iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S8/ S8 PLUS, Note 8 Case       New Years Eve Sydney iPhone 6 & 6S Case

Well, first of all, iCoverLover cases are competitively priced. Not that expensive but not compromising the quality of the product. Aside from quality, we also value time and schedule. We always ensure that your ordered products will be delivered on time. Since fast delivery is our priority, we never compromise the quality and design of your products while being delivered.

We also cater your needs by listening to you and then creating products that will both suit your needs and budget. We will never recommend any products we have available that does not comply with your preference and budget and most of all, any information and briefs that you have confided to us will be handled with confidence.

Most of all, we provide the best solutions and utilize past relevant examples to assist you in creating your own memorable and best quality merchandise that you will be proud of.


If you are interested in having your personalized and custom-made case, you can click here.

Inclusive of the following details:

  • Send us your preferred photo or design and then please specify which phone you have.
  • Require only a minimum quantity of one product.
  • Send us your delivery location
  • If you have any certain creative requirements, may it be a logo, or an artwork, please do specify and send it as PDF, JPEG or other image formats

And for some information about the product:

  • As what you expect, it will be custom made phone case and therefore unique.
  • Please consider of having the lead time of 1 to 2 business days to make your cover.
  • Made out of durable plastic and metal material.
  • Free Standard Delivery is applied within Australia.
  • Express Post and International Post are also available.
  • It comes with a free screen protector priced at $15 and Splash resistant bag valued at $20.

Here are some examples:

 Create Your Own Phone Case and Personalise it!Create Your Own Phone Case and Personalise it!

Custom iPhone and Samsung Cases & Covers for Corporate

Aside from your own use of customized cover, we can also design any other covers, such as genuine leather covers with embossed logo. You may use it for school, a certain group, colleges, or even your own company. By having a custom-made case, you can add a touch of your company’s unique identity and style that will prove useful as indispensable mini in-hand advertisements that your employees and clients carry around.

By accessorizing your team’s smartphones and tablet devices, you will be having a powerful marketing statement and a good way of promoting your company, while also ensuring the safety and security of your company’s valuable property. Having premium quality custom iPhone cases and covers will be the ultimate cost-effective, branding tool for any group or organization. This allows you to define and show your corporate identity and have a great, long-lasting professional impression.

iCoverLover will also work with you to the best of our abilities to provide and help you achieve your goals. Whether you are after a high-quality branded corporate case or a plain yet elegant smartphone or tablet case or using it as a marketing campaign, a gift to your client, or even as a reward or promo for customer loyalty program.

We are truly committed and passionate about creating unique, powerful and innovative marketing campaigns via premium quality Corporate Branded Merchandise. Some of Australia’s largest household brands such as financial institutions, top-tier law firms, media publishers and even technology companies are our valued clients in iCoverLover.

Here in iCoverLover, we simply give our very best to our clients just to make sure your needs are catered and well-attended to. We also guarantee your satifasction that you are seeking and the quality of our products.