Age of Multiscreening

Posted by iCoverLover on May 16, 2018

"Distractions on my smartphone or tablet while watching television"

The distracted use of the first screen or, more clinically, the use of simultaneous or multi-screen media, has been a problem since the advent of using radios. Now that it seems like everything has been replaced by smartphones; reading is done in a tablet; and the public manages their home via laptop. And these changes of behavior open the door to a golden age for digital advertising, because each of these "new" distractions (simultaneous uses) offers an opportunity for engaging and engaging connections that were never possible when the consumption was focused on screen usage.

A brief definition of "multi-screening"

But first, we must define "multi-screening". Through a multiple selection, we refer to the use of another wireless mobile Internet device simultaneously with the television (smartphones, laptops, tablets and portable game consoles that are used in the front of the box and that you are there). The most probable thing is that you can do it alone. You might wonder why we did not call you a second exam or two exams. The reason is simple: viewers often have different devices moving at any time.

In today's digital era, multi-screening has become more prolific than ever. As the name suggests, multiple selection refers to the use of multiple digital devices at the same time, such as mobile phones and television. Sequential detection occurs when moving between devices, while simultaneous detection involves the use of two devices simultaneously. 

Now that we have definitely entered the era of multiple online shopping screens, and to understand what we mean, consider the following:

  • By 2021, the average consumer will have 13 connected devices
  • 70% regularly use their mobile devices to send text messages, browse and shop while watching television
  • Many complete transactions on non-mobile devices: 41% of desktop purchases occur after consumers interact with products elsewhere.

In other words, e-commerce has truly become a multi-device experience.

There is no doubt, these days we are surrounded by screens. Far from those foggy days of black and white set in the corner, television has evolved and has remained a constant presence in our lives and in our living rooms, only now has a large number of new features. From smartphones, laptops to tablets, an abundant range of technologies is now tempting us every single day.

The statistics

The normal television set is now the least likely device to get our attention, as viewers commonly use mobile phones, tablets or laptops while they watch. In fact, 77% of television viewers use another device at the same time.

  • 90% of our interactions with the media are based on screens.
  • This interaction extends through 4 main devices: mobile phones, tablets, computers and televisions
  • On average, we use about 3 different screen combinations per day
  • The activities performed during the use of multiple screens in order of popularity include e-mail, navigation, social networks, games, work-related activities and videos.
  • Television programs and advertisements contribute significantly to search queries that take place on smartphones and tablets.

Clearly, the age of multiscreening has imparted a lot of potential when it comes to the digital uprising of our era today. As we're continuing to evolve, our current knowledge for technology is also increasing, for we're bringing these multi-screened devices into our everyday lives, from business, to work, and even to our daily activities in life. 

Adapting to changes

In order for us to put ourselves in to this very age of modernization, we must Adapt through the current changes in order to evolve. Everyday life requires that we adapt our natural attention capacities to a variety of situations and environments. Not only are people more attuned to different styles of care, but their lifestyles and their daily needs can lead them to be more fluid or rigid with their attention. Individuals and professionals must adopt the proper usage and ways in using the different platforms of technology that has driven this world to its current state, using different advanced-tech devices to interact effectively with different situations at certain times of the day.

While digital lifestyles continue to change, global understanding of technological advancement is key for lifestyle revamp and adaptation. Understanding how attention can change in response to a variety of demographic and lifestyle factors is one of the many things everyone should consider to ensure that they develop their own understanding of technology that engages them to use the right devices in the right context at the right time.

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