​ Newest Products From Apple We're Looking Forward To

Posted by iCoverLover on Sep 10, 2018

There’s the bracing chill in the air as the leaves turn a little more gold than green, and Apple’s newest products start peeking out of their boxes. With one always coinciding with the months leading up to the holidays, Apple is about to hold one of their “Special Events”: giant tech conferences that reveal the newest developments in their product line.

This year’s Special Event has been set on September 12th, 12:00 am Pacific Time - and already there are hints of the newest list of products that Apple has planned to add to their lines. With a lot of eyes on the incoming keynote speech, here is a short roundup of what Apple may have in store for its customers this year.

Three New iPhone Models

Apple usually announces new models of their flagship iPhone line each September. This year is no different. While there isn’t an exact confirmation of the iPhones set to be revealed, rumor has it that three new models will be the highlight of the keynote speech.

The little info that’s leaked out seems to suggest that two of the new iPhones will be related to the iPhone X in some way - perhaps following the lines of the earlier “S” models? - and perhaps a less sophisticated (and expensive) model of the current iPhone X.

Current iPhone News and Rumours

According to reports, the new phones may be called the iPhone XS, a followup to its predecessor that was released last year. It may also be released along with the iPhone XS Plus, which will undoubtedly be a larger version of the former. The iPhone XS reportedly has a 6.5 inch screen.

What we don’t know anything about is the third model; however, reports say that all three models will have OLED displays, the new A12 chip, and a 7nm process - meaning smaller gaps between connections inside the transistors. 

What Does This Mean for the iPhone?

A bigger screen is definitely a plus and it is the largest dimension that Apple unveils. The new screen size is a sure sign that Apple may be competing with Samsung’s more screen-friendly phones. Before, they were not that invested in going up against the bigger and brighter screens from Samsung.

The new A12 chip, on the other hand, is just a notch higher than its A11 predecessor. Basically, the new processor will work by allowing electric currents to pass faster through the transistors in the device, hence the 7nm process. Doing so may open up the new iPhones for process-heavy apps and faster access to files and storage.

The phones are meant to work with the iOS 12, the latest operating system to be released this year. Their goal is to speed up internet loading time. Another fun feature from iOS 12 is the Memoji emoji, a custom made emoji that looks like the owner.

The user interface has also been improved and we may be seeing more new adaptations for the three new iPhones. There is also a Screen Time tracker that record the amount of time you spend using the applications on your device.

Apple Watch

The September keynote was also the site of the first announcement of the Apple watch series, with subsequent Special Events hosting Series 2 in 2016 and Series 3 in 2017. While development of this particular product line may seem to have taken some of a backseat in comparison to the iPhone line, it’s not unreasonable to expect an announcement or update of some sort. Especially since there are rumours that Series 4 is already in production.

Most Apple Watch fans are expecting new watch faces, new apps in the Watch Face Store, and some hardware improvement. One thing users would like to see is better battery life.

At present, users have to constantly charge their Apple Watches because of the body-monitoring apps it uses. This could mean more health apps, especially health and sleep apps that require you to wear your Watch at all times.

Another feature some would like to see is 3D touch. Some Apple products already have the 3D touch feature, but adding it to the Apple Watch could be a game changer when it comes to using apps.

iPad Pro

While a new iPad has already been released, talk of a new entry into the iPad Pro line has been milling around for a while. If there is one, expect it to follow both the design and features aesthetic of the iPhone X, including such features as FaceID and the removal of the Touch ID sensor.

Some users are theorizing that the new iPad Pro may be less rounded and more in line with the old iPhone 4 design, which had a fondle slate with sharp edges. Some are also speculating that the home button may be removed to make way for gestures instead.

With the design of the iPad being a little less updated than the other products in the Apple line, there’s high hopes for a new entry in this series. 

Other Products

Other rumoured appearances may include successors to the wildly popular AirPods, an update to the Apple TV, and a new version (or at the very least, updates) to the iOS and Mac OS systems. Some longer stretches of imagination will point to a new MacBook, another iPad Mini, or (just maybe) a new iMac.

The array of products available to us will certainly make this September conference something worth tuning into. With the year winding down and everyone read to spend, it’s likely that Apple will seize upon this opportunity and bring the goods for their loyal customers.