What Is The Optimised Battery Charging Approach?

Posted by iCoverLover on Dec 21, 2022

The optimised battery charging approach was designed to charge batteries more safely and efficiently, allowing users to monitor their mobile phone usage and adjust their charging habits accordingly to ensure that their device's battery life is optimised. Lithium-ion batteries are a popular choice for powering mobile devices due to their high energy density, low self-discharge rate, and long cycle life; however, users should be aware of the importance of proper charging and discharging practices in order to maximise the life of their lithium-ion batteries and ensure optimal performance of their mobile phone. 

Smartphone charging

In fact, with the fast charging feature added to some phones, their battery health deteriorates faster. So, both Apple and Android have installed an optimised battery charging feature to help the smartphone's battery be more effective for a longer period. The app has been designed to enable users to monitor their battery performance and adjust their charging habits accordingly, allowing them to make the most of their smartphone's battery life by taking advantage of the optimised battery charging feature that has been installed.

What Is The Optimised Charging Approach? - How Does It Work?

The optimised charging approach varies depending on the phone brand either Apple or Android, that you use. However, whilst it is called optimised battery charging on iPhones, it is called adaptive charging on Android phones.

But its main aim is to study the way your phone is being used such as the active time, charging period, and idle time, to keep its battery stronger. 

Weak battery life tends to disintegrate the performance of a phone, as well as its proficiency to withhold charge for long periods, is reduced. And one of the main facets that reduce a battery's performance is overcharging - leaving the battery charger connected even when the battery is fully charged. 

With optimised battery charging added to phones, the phone battery is charged more safely. How does it work? As said, it understands the way your phone is being charged, and other active and inactive activities carried out on the phone. 

It does this with the use of machine learning. Once this feature understands the necessary things after the first 14 days of being activated, it will prevent overcharging by delaying a charge past 80%. Then, before you pick up your phone - before your wake-up time, it ensures that your battery is fully charged. 

Location services are a feature on both iPhones and Androids that allow users to access their current location and use that information to optimise battery charging, such as by turning off certain services when the device is in a certain location, or by turning on location-based services when the device is in a specific area.

How to turn on or off the optimised charging on your smartphone

As you know, there are different brands of smartphones, so the way to enable and disable the optimised battery charging feature will differ. Below we'd explore how you can turn on or off the optimised charging feature on your phone. 

How to enable or disable the optimised battery charging on the iPhone

Technically, all iPhones running on IOS 13 or above have the optimised battery charging feature activated by default. 

How to enable or disable the optimised battery charging on the iPhone

How do you know? 

When the battery charger is connected to your phone, you'd see the amount of time it will take to charge the battery at the front of your phone's screen.

However, to confirm, follow the steps below. 

  • Go to settings and navigate to the battery. 
  • When you click on battery, you'd some other options. Click on "battery health and charging".
  • You'd see the optimised battery charging turned on. You can also toggle it to turn it off.

How to enable or disable the optimised battery charging on Android 

The steps that will be shared below apply to Android phones such as Google Pixel, Samsung, and so on.  

Full battery on a smartphone

Note- It is called Adaptive charging on Android. 

  • Go to settings and click on "battery" - on Google Pixel. If you are using a Samsung phone, navigate to "battery and device care".
    Proceed to press "adaptive preferences" on your Google Pixel. But on your Samsung, click on "battery and more battery settings".
  • Turn on the "adaptive charging" toggle on your Google Pixel, and turn on the "adaptive battery and protect battery" toggle on your Samsung. 

Final Words

Optimised battery charging is a feature that is installed in mobile phones to protect the battery life, thereby making it last longer. Though it is named optimised battery charging on iPhones, it is named adaptive charging or battery on Androids. 
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