For Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra/S23+ Plus/S23,S22 Ultra/S22+/S22,S10 5G and Older Case, Blue Frog

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Inspired by nature's allure and deadly beauty, our Blue Frog case for the Samsung Galaxy encapsulates the striking visual of the poison dart frog. This unique accessory doesn't just stand out; it provides formidable protection too. The case design, reminiscent of the poison dart frog's skin, combines intense yellows and deep blues, making a bold statement. Harnessing the strength of two formidable materials, our case boasts a dual-layer design. The impact-resistant Polycarbonate outer shell and an inner TPU liner work in harmony, safeguarding your phone from the challenges of daily life. This accessory is perfect for those looking to blend the mysteries of the wild with cutting-edge technology.

  • Suitable for Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, S10e, S10 Plus, S10, Samsung Galaxy S20 FE, S20 Plus, S20, S20 Ultra, Samsung Galaxy S21 FE, S21 Plus, S21, S21 Ultra, Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus, S22, S22 Ultra, Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus, S23, S23 Ultra, Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus or S9 - choose the model from the "Compatible With" menu
  • Dual-layer case for extra protection
  • Impact-resistant Polycarbonate outer shell
  • Inner TPU liner for extra impact resistance
  • Clear, open ports for connectivity
  • Slim and lightweight suitable for all ages
  • Qi Wireless Charging Compatible

To double-check the model of your Samsung device, go to Apps -> Settings -> More/About Device. Tap that feature and you will see the model type and the number of the device.