EFM Zurich Case for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, S23+ Plus, S23, Armour Cover, Clear

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The EFM Zürich phone case for the Samsung Galaxy S23 models is made of robust, ultra-flexible materials that give excellent overall protection due to the impact dispersion geometry in the bumper. Its clear back cover's exterior finish is textured for a better grip, and the TPU materials give long-lasting clarity. This case has antibacterial qualities built in that eliminate 99.99% of surface bacteria and prevent future buildup.

  • Only fits the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, S23+ Plus or S23 - choose the model from the "Compatible With" menu.
  • Antimicrobial; kills 99.9% of bacteria.
  • 2.4m Military Standard Drop Tested*.
  • Slimline protection, contains over 80 percent recycled materials.
  • Lightweight, sleek design.
  • Shock and drop protection.
  • The textured outer finish offers better grip and tactility over time.
  • Impact Dispersion Geometry absorbs and reduces the amount of shock transmitted to your device.

To double-check the model of your Samsung device, go to Apps -> Settings -> More/About Device. Tap that feature and you will see the model type and the number of the device.

* The test has been carried out in a lab. There is no guarantee this EFM case will provide 100% protection to your device, 100% of the time in all circumstances.