For Apple Watch Series 6, 44-mm Case, Full Coverage Plating TPU Cover

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Shield your Apple Watch Series 6, 44-mm case from the rigors of daily use with our specially designed TPU protective cover. This cover not only guards against accidental drops, bumps, and scratches but is also lightweight and flexible, ensuring that the sensitivity of your smartwatch is not compromised. Easy to install, it's crafted from durable TPU for long-lasting defense.

  • Exclusive Fit - Tailored to conform perfectly to your Apple Watch Series 6, 44-mm case.
  • Durable TPU Material - Offers robust protection while remaining flexible.
  • User-Friendly Design - Effortless to install, providing immediate protection.

Confirming your Apple Watch model is simple: examine the back of the watch or navigate to Apple Watch Settings > General > About > Model. Tap the model number to ensure it corresponds with our protective case's specifications.