For Apple Watch SE, 44-mm Case, Tempered Film Hybrid PC Integrated Watch Case

Plastic and Tempered Glass
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Presenting our cutting-edge Tempered Film Hybrid PC Integrated Watch Case designed exclusively for the Apple Watch SE, 44-mm case size. This premium protective case combines PC and tempered glass materials into a seamless, integrated design that ensures a perfect fit without adding bulk to your watch. It's lightweight, ensuring that the addition of the case does not increase the weight of your watch significantly.

  • PC + Tempered Glass Integration - Offers a seamless fit and superior protection.
  • Lightweight Design - Keeps your Apple Watch as light as ever, adding minimal weight.
  • Full Coverage Protection - Shields your watch from scratches and damage with complete coverage.
  • Easy Installation - Hassle-free application without the need to remove the watch strap.
  • Unhindered Access - Maintains easy access to all ports and buttons, ensuring full functionality.

Note: This product includes only the protective case, excluding the watch body and strap. Elevate the protection of your Apple Watch with this Tempered Film Hybrid PC Integrated Watch Case, blending unparalleled protection with sleek design and practical functionality.

To find the model of your device, check the back of the Apple Watch. If the text is not visible, go to Apple Watch Settings > General > About > Model and tap to see if the model matches the watch.