For AirPods 2nd Gen Case, Marble Pattern Protective Cover

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Enhance your Apple AirPods 2nd Gen with our elegant Wireless Earphones Charging Box Protective Cover. This carefully crafted case not only adds a touch of sophistication to your device with its beautiful marble design but also offers robust protection to keep your AirPods in pristine condition.

  • Designed for Apple AirPods 2nd Gen - Precision fit for your device.
  • Durable PC Plastic - High-quality construction for everyday resilience.
  • Compact & Sleek - Easy to carry without sacrificing style.
  • Stunning Marble Pattern - Aesthetic appeal that complements your style.
  • Impact & Scratch Resistant - Provides thorough protection from everyday wear and tear.
  • Anti-Slip Grip - Ensures your charging box stays secure in your hand.

Protection Details

Secure your wireless earphones against shocks, scratches, and slips with this compact protective box. The shockproof and scratchproof design ensures effective safeguarding of your AirPods during daily activities.

Quality Material

Crafted from premium PC plastic, this cover is built to endure daily wear while maintaining its form and offering a non-slip texture.

Elegant Design

Our cover offers a stylish and sophisticated look for your Apple AirPods, combining elegance with portability for on-the-go protection.

To ensure this protective cover fits, check your Apple AirPods' model by looking at the back of the box or navigating to Settings > General > About > Name of your AirPods > Model.