EFM Aspen Case for iPhone 12 Pro Max, Armour Cover, D3O 5G Signal Plus, Grey/Clear



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The EFM Aspen 5G Case Armour is integrated with the cutting-edge antimicrobial technology, making it one of the slimmest, toughest, clearest, cleanest, and most 5G-optimized cases on the market. This superior quality product is equipped with the latest D3O with 5G Signal Plus Technology. This unique feature ensures the least 5G signal loss, providing your device with optimal 5G signal, crystal-clear audio and video, faster download speeds, and extended battery life. Furthermore, it offers top-tier impact protection. The case is designed with the latest ion-exchange technology, which eliminates up to 99.99% of bacteria and inhibits further growth throughout the case's lifespan. This model also boasts colorful accents and an improved PC backplate composed of recycled materials to minimize environmental impact. It envelops the D3O-infused bumper for added protection, improved structural integrity, and reduced yellowing. Show off your 5G device with the EFM Aspen 5G Case Armour for slim but robust impact protection.

  • Antimicrobial technology to kill up to 99.99% of bacteria
  • Latest D3O with 5G Signal Plus Technology for optimum 5G signal and reduced signal loss
  • D3O impact protection for high-end durability
  • Military-grade protection for ultimate security
  • Features pops of colour and improved PC backplate for enhanced aesthetics
  • Made of recycled materials for environmental sustainability
  • Designed to reduce yellowing and maintain structural integrity

To find the model of your iPhone look at the back of your iPhone or launch the iOS Settings app and navigate to General > About > Model (or Model Number).