EFM 15W Wireless Car Vent Mount Charger, 18W Car Charger - Graphite, Graphite



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Experience hassle-free charging with the EFM QI CERTIFIED 15W WIRELESS CAR VENT MOUNT CHARGER. Offering fast and intuitive charging, the EFM Wireless Vent Charger enables you to charge your Qi-compatible devices quickly and efficiently. With an output of up to 15 Watts, it offers 1.4 times faster charge rates than most standard 5W wireless chargers. The charger requires manual adjustment and comes with a vent mount and a bonus 18W Dual Port Car Charger, making it the perfect charging solution for on-the-go needs.

  • 15W Output: With an output of up to 15 Watts, it charges Qi-compatible devices 1.4 times faster than most standard 5W wireless chargers.
  • Qi Certification: Ensures compatibility with Qi-enabled devices, making it a versatile charging solution.
  • Wireless Charging: Provides a clutter-free, convenient, and quick charging experience.
  • Included Vent Mount: The charger comes with a vent mount, providing a stable and secure platform for the wireless charger in your car.
  • Bonus 18W Dual Port Car Charger: Adding more value, an 18W dual port car charger is included, providing an additional charging solution while on the go.
  • Manual Adjustment: The charger requires manual adjustment, allowing you to find the perfect position for your device.
  • Graphite Finish: The charger features a sophisticated graphite finish that complements any car interior.