How Pro are the New Apple iPad Pro 12.9-inch and iPad Pro 11-inch Tablets?

Posted by iCoverLover on Nov 27, 2020

The year 2018 had been an amazing year when it came to phones and tablets, especially with the leading company - Apple Inc. Apart from releasing the new iPhone XS and XS MAX, the company has also launched the new and the better iPad Pro 2018 version. These came in two sizes: iPad Pro 12.9-inch and the iPad Pro 11-inch tablets.

But were they better? Is it worth spending more than thousands dollars for one? Here’s what everybody’s been saying about the new iPad Pro devices.

iPad Pro 12.9-inch versus 11-inch

First off, we’ll compare the two iPad Pro 2018 versions. However, the differences between the two aren’t that significant. In fact, besides the difference in size and battery, the two are almost identical.

Both versions had completely new designs - a greater screen to body ratio since the home button was removed from the new look. These iPad Pro tablets also included Face ID which allows you to unlock your device with face recognition. Also, both devices are slimmer and are compatible with the Apple Pencil.

If we take a look under the hood, both devices have identical specs including the processor, storage capacities, and displays.

When it comes to screen size, the iPad Pro 11 is already slightly bigger than its predecessor (iPad Pro 10.5). However, the 12.9-inch screen is even more gigantic besides its 11-inch partner.

Besides the size, the cost is the biggest difference of all. In fact, it may be the biggest disadvantage of the 12.9-inch. Given the similarity in the specs, you’re basically paying AU$500 more for basically a bigger space.

iPad Pro 12.9-inch Review

Focusing solely on the iPad Pro 12.9-inch 2018 first, both critics and consumers seemed to like the wider screen of this tablet. You get more space to swipe and tap and even make gestures with its narrower bezels.

Although it is massive, it does not look and feel awkward with its slimmer body unlike the 2015 version where it felt bulky and heavy.

Apple Pencil

The screen is also the perfect size if you want to use your Apple Pencil to practice drawing and bring out your creative side. Perhaps the flatter side of the device was to make way for the Pencil storage. The add-on device magnetically sticks to the side of your tablet and it’s the best way to keep your Pencil.

Not only can you keep it with you always, but it’s also much easier to reach out for it if you feel like using it. Unfortunately, you are only limited to the drawing apps that you can download from the Apple store and is supported by iOS.


Being the newest, it’s also the most powerful iPad as of now which does impress. Combining its massive screen with the new A12X Bionic chipset and there’s almost nothing this tablet can’t do. Running a 4K or even 5K for a handheld device is amazing.

You can also work directly with docks and SD cards, thanks to the USB-C port included in this device.

It’s almost mandatory to partner it with the Apple Smart Keyboard so it transforms from a tablet to a notebook. It can run side by side with Apple laptops except that of Intel’s six-core processor when it comes to benchmarks. In fact, the iPad Pro 12.9-inch 2018 version works a little better than the MacBook Air.

This iPad Pro also supports Augmented Reality which is getting bigger by the hour.

However, you can’t access or back-up files in external storage and that could hold some people back, especially those who are planning to use this tablet for professional use.

When it comes to power, it loses its utmost potential because you can’t multitask very well. You won’t be able to open the same app at the same time.


There’s no denying the fact that iPad Pro 12.9-inch remains to be the top tablets thus far. Despite the issues with its multitasking capabilities and its price, it’s a powerful device that allows you to do almost anything.

You also have a choice of bigger storage capacities which is extraordinary - especially the 1TB option. Plus you get a Wi-Fi connection or you can even have a 4G connection too.

Price starts at AU$1,529 for the 64GB device. The 256GB option is at AU$1,749 while the 512GB tablet is priced at AU$2,049. Meanwhile, the 1TB version is available for $2,649. These are only for the Wi-Fi versions.

If you want mobile connectivity, you need to add AU$220 on top of everything else. The Apple Pencil and the Smart Keyboard are also sold separately.

iPad Pro 11-inch Review

Basically, the iPad Pro 11-inch tablet is the more portable counterpart of the 12.9-inch tablet. Besides its size, everything from under the hood to its screen display is the same.

It does have the same narrow bezel which gives you more space to swipe and touch. The screen display is upgraded to Liquid Retina which we first saw with the iPhone XR. It isn’t a bad display but compared to an OLED screen by a rival company such as Samsung, the Apple tablet is at a disadvantage.

Then again, it’s not as bad as it sounds. When it comes to quality, this 11-inch iPad Pro features Apple’s TrueTone technology and a 120Hz refresh rate. You can play HDR content without any problems and works wonderfully with natural-looking hues.

Also sporting the A12X Bionic chip, this smaller tablet still has the same power and capabilities as the 12.9-inch version. And since you won’t be paying more, it may be the better option for you.

Starting at AU$1,229 to AU$2,349 for the 1TB option, it’s cheaper than the bigger version.


Overall, if you do have the money and you’re looking for a powerful tablet, any of these iPad Pro 2018 tablets will do. In the end, it’s about the preference of the screen size and maybe the battery life.

Perhaps the only thing we can say is that when you’re spending thousands of dollars on a gadget, it’s best that you protect it at all costs. It’s not an easy feat to save that sum and we believe our tablet covers and cases can help you keep your hard-earned investment safe.


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