​IOS and Android Apps That Are Actually Worth Paying For

Posted by iCoverLover on Nov 02, 2018

The number of available apps curated for smartphone users and their specific needs are increasing. The demand for these apps also affects the price range making subscriptions harder to maintain. Users are still searching for the perfect app that they can utilize and find to be worthy of their price range.

Trying out different apps while burning holes in your pockets is not an ideal situation for avid smartphone users. Consumers should invest in apps that improve user experience, assist them in their daily activities and increase work productivity without the exceeding their budget.

There are products in the apps store and play store that are too expensive for the quality they provide. It is best to avoid this and save your money for better apps fit for your desired purpose. There are apps in the market that are recognized for its affordable price and quality.

Below are lists of apps that are proven to be worth the price you’re paying for:

Android Apps



Do not let the Tasker app’s multiple and complex features intimidate you. Tasker is an automation app, like IFTTT, known for its features allowing you to program and execute tasks that have specific actions including commands connecting to a specific third-party plugin.

By simply assigning actions to a task, users can amplify their smartphone experience and ease daily tasks through customization with Tasker. You can create a Do Not Disturb mode with specific modifications and an alarm clock customized to your snoozing habit.

Tasker can be automated for Bluetooth connections such as turning the wi-fi off and playing your music automatically when Bluetooth is detected, and you can also schedule delayed SMS messages.

Users can create and automate tasks perfect for their needs and desire by using the app to its fullest. Tasker takes time to understand and set up, but users all around find the results satisfactory.


$2/month, $24/year

Some people are too lazy and forgetful whenever they create new accounts and most of the time they use the same passwords for different accounts. If you always forget your password or want to keep them safe and secure, LastPass is the ideal Android app for that.

The password manager can gather and store all your login credentials from different browsers and service. It can also sync your passwords across all your devices making it hassle-free.

Do not worry about your passwords being seen by others because everything is protected with a master password that keeps all your information out of prying hands. Adding to its convenience, LastPass can also generate passwords and autofill web forms for the user.

There are similar applications in the market that offers the same services, but LastPass stays ahead of them with their features. The app also provides a plan where you can include your family, and it only costs $48/year.

Solid Explorer


The amount of data we receive and store including photos, videos and documents can create clutter in our smartphone. Often leaving us stressed out trying to look for the right file.

Solid Explorer helps manage files and folders on Android devices by collecting all photos, music, and videos and storing them in one place. You can also build an archive that is ZIP or 7ZIP password protected, hide files and folder. Encrypt and decrypt.

Solid Explorer allows you to put passwords and protect your files and it also has support for remote access protocols and can also be used as a root file manager. It also allows the user to sync it to different cloud storage accounts like Dropbox and Google Drive.

Despite it being a file managing app, Solid Explorer has five color themes you can choose from to customize the main UI.

iPhone Apps



Streaks is a list app that helps in forming good habits and staying on track with ease. The app won an Apple Design Award in 2016 because of its neat and organized design. You can create up to twelve tasks and schedule each with a specific time and custom reminder.

Owning to its name, Streaks encourages you to fulfill your goals for consecutive days in a row. It analyzes your data and turns it into graphs and statistics to help you track your progress and even identify your longest streaks and number of completed tasks.

The to-do list app also has a negative habit feature that rids of bad habits such as smoking. It can also be used in apple watch and connecting it to the Health app makes Streaks know when you complete a task automatically. With Streaks user-friendly interface and amazing features, it can improve fulfilling daily tasks easier.

Launch Center Pro

$4.99 for iPhone, $7.99 for iPad

Launch Center Pro is an iOS app that functions by launching actions directly instead of opening apps from your iPhone or iPad. You can customize actions with Launch Center Pro depending on what you want.

With one or two taps you can send an SMS directly to others, instantly go to camera in Instagram or upload the most recent photo you took to Dropbox. The convenience it offers reduces the number of taps and swipes you need to perform tasks within apps.

The app can contain your favorite apps and their custom actions which makes it easier and reduces complex actions to reach your desired task. The Launch Center Pro can support up to 100,000 apps including popular ones for your iPhone or iPad. 

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