The New iPhone X has Arrived, Demand is "Off the Charts"

Posted by iCoverLover on Oct 31, 2017

Apple has just started the pre-order season for the revolutionary iPhone X on the 27th of October at exactly 12:01 am, Pacific Time. The demands just went off the charts, pre-orders soared rocket-high.

iPhone X is undeniably the best iPhone model this year especially that it the company's 10th anniversary iPhone. Apparently, iPhone users just didn’t have the time to waste as they have been on alert for the set date and time of pre-order. And yes, demand is definitely off the charts, as told by the Apple spokeswoman.

As a result of this, the supposed arrival of the iPhone X which is on the 3rd of November has been moved further. In fact, you can still have your pre-orders right now but you can just expect it to take some five to six years to arrive. Well, just in time for a perfect Christmas gift then, don’t you think? But, of course, if you were not able to have it on the first day of pre-order, you can actually grab the opportunity to march your way down to the Apple Store nationwide, and even to its carriers because on the 3rd of November, there are going to be iPhone X models that would be available for walk-in customers. However, you will need to be early for that.

The New iPhone X has Arrived, Demand is "Off the Charts"

It is expected from the pre-order situation of the iPhone X that many will come rushing to the Apple branches nationwide and even to its carriers. Apple Company even suggested said that the iPhone X models for the walk-in customers would only be for first come, first served basis. Thus, the need to be earlier than everybody else. What could be driving this rush?

The can only be one answer to that. Supply. Apparently, what the renowned Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has predicted about the Apple Company’s supply of iPhone X has somewhat been realized. Apparently, there have been just two to three million units available during the launching of the phone. And, the most looked at reason is the new technology that has been integrated into the iPhone X.

The fingerprint scanner that is common to the iPhone models has been replaced with a Face ID in the iPhone X. This enables the users to have an enhanced security for their smartphone and a convenient way to authenticate payments too. Face ID is powered but the advanced 3D infrared camera. As what reports have been saying, one of the factors that made it hard to manufacture the iPhone X is that there seems to be a struggle with the assembly of the TrueDepth camera and the 3D recognition system. Well, without this technology, iPhone X might disappoint the iPhone users for the Face ID feature.

But of course, Apple Company doesn’t want that to happen. As a matter of fact, they are having a move for it already. The company has somehow loosened up a bit for the required technology to supply for this in order to ship the iPhone X to the ones who have already pre-ordered and to give satisfaction to their users. The company also reassured the media and the public that the Face ID feature and capabilities are not compromised. As a result, they can have greater supply and more demands of the iPhone users can be met in just a few weeks.

If you need to be reminded of the other awesome specs of iPhone X, here are some of them. These might also get you running to the nearest Apple store on the third of November too.


The New iPhone X has Arrived, Demand is "Off the Charts"

If you think you need more space for your everyday captures and movie binge-watch without having a massive smartphone, you can have the all-screen display of an iPhone X. You can just be in awe with the 5.8-inch screen size that is most comfortable to the eyes, whatever you want to do with it.

This should not be taken for granted as well especially with its OLED screen display that definitely deviates from the standard of the previous iPhone models. You can just expect to have accurate and stunning colours with this device. Although not totally bezel-less, iPhone X shows its potentials. It only needs a little space to house the newest high-technology that has been developed and integrated into a smartphone, the Face ID with its sensors and cameras.


The New iPhone X has Arrived, Demand is "Off the Charts"

One of the most in-demand technology for smartphones in the previous years is the wireless charging feature. Now, it has arrived with the newest flagship of Apple. iPhone X comes with an all-glass design, and that would mean both the front and back. This is to support wireless charging. And not only that, there is also a huge possibility that having a glassed front and back can help you charge it faster.

There is absolutely more to it than that. In fact, it might just be the reason why Apple has got a lot of pre-orders for the iPhone X. This could only mean that the iPhone users are into this new technology. The iPhone users are into the revolutionary iPhone X, the future of smartphone.

But of course, with this awesome advanced technology comes the responsibility of taking care of your iPhone X. It will definitely need to be durable and reliable. The fashionable appeal can totally be a bonus at that. What if you can have durable and fashionable phone protection at the same time? Behold, these are the iPhone X covers that you might want to consider.

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