Natural Materials to Encase Your Phone

Posted by iCoverLover on Aug 16, 2017

Your phone might be new; newly released in the market or newly-bought from a nearby store. Of course, you love it as you think it was worth every penny that it costs. Thus, it would only be logical that you use durable phone cases and covers for it. You just can’t use it with its bare skin because although it is superbly incredible and has a wonderful exterior, it is prone to damages such as a scratch on the screen and bumps and stains that occur while you are enjoying using it for entertainment and communication.

But what could be the natural materials to shield your phone? You need it to have a fashionable style without compromising the durability and its ability to protect your device. You just can’t pick randomly of what the natural materials could be because this also depends on how you would like to have your phone protected. Each natural material which encases your phone has different capacities when it comes to protection and fashion.

Benefits of using Natural Materials to Encase your Phone

There can be a lot of advantages/benefits that using natural materials to encase your phone can offer to you. Here are the two of them.


One of the advantages of using natural materials to encase your phone is that you will be assured of the durability of your phone’s protection. With the natural materials, you wouldn’t wake up one morning and find out that your phone cases and covers are already self-destructing. In fact, with this material to encase your phone, you can have a longer time period enjoying the phone case that you deserve.


Phone cases and covers that are made from natural materials also define your fashion sense. These can be fashionable and it can add up to whatever accessory you want to have for the day. You can also have it blend into your fashion taste as you can dress up in anything that you like and expect your phone case to be able to cope with it.

Natural Materials to Encase Your Phone

Now that you have some background about it, here are the examples of the natural materials to encase your phone.


Walnut Black Marble Wooden iPhone 6 & 6S caseWhite Genuine Marble iPhone 6 & 6S Case

Marble is one of the best natural material to encase your phone. The material just screams for protection and fashion, both at the same time! Marble can actually endure most types of damages that your phone can have in the daily use and it is just right for you to give it the best protection that it deserves.

This goes with style also. You can have your fashion sense be reflected on your phone because of the phone case. When you have a marble as a natural material to encase your phone, you really do not have to be bothered about how it would blend with your style. This is also at an economical price so there is no getting rid of it if you want a high-quality phone case for your phone's protection, stylish for your fashion sense, and affordable for your savings!

Because with marble, you can have it all.


Green Blue Genuine Seashell iPhone 6 & 6S CaseWhite Seashell iPhone 6 & 6S case

Seashell is another natural material that can be used as a phone case and cover. This can protect your phone from the unwanted bumps and scratches that may result in the everyday use of your phone. In fact, seashell phone cases and covers are actually great when it comes to average daily protection of your phone from the stains that it may also acquire from the surroundings!

This kind of natural material for your phone is excellent because it doesn't even add weight to your phone. It is thinner than any other materials that can be used for protection so you can expect that there is no bulk in your pocket when you let it stay there for storage.

When looking for the best natural material for phone case and cover, deal with a seashell!

Exotic leather

Genuine Crocodile Skin Leather iPhone 6 & 6S CaseGenuine Python Snake Skin Leather iPhone 6 & 6S Case

If you want uniqueness overload in your phone case and cover, then you should have an exotic leather as a natural material to encase your phone! This offers great protection against the scraping that your phone may have when you get into your daily adventures and errands. This will also help you achieve a sense of being a celebrity as not everybody owns an exotic leather phone case. The material on your phone case will make you feel special because only some people have the same phone case and cover as you do have.

Some examples of exotic leather are crocodile and python which definitely finds competition with the other materials used as a phone case and cover. They just offer style and protection like no other! You will definitely find this material convenient to use especially when you have your phone with you at most times of the day.

Get an exotic leather as a phone case and cover!


Artistic Grass on Black Bamboo Wood iPhone 7 CaseWalnut Black Leather Wood iPhone 7 PLUS Case

A beautiful pure material for your phone is wood and this is pretty awesome because when you use this, you have the feeling of being one with nature. In fact, one of the reasons why you should go and have your natural material be a wood to encase your phone is for its uniqueness. Also, the durability of wood is just not like any other! Your phone can  withstand bumps and slips with wood, it just would seem like nothing even happened.

These are just some of the natural materials for protecting your phone. You can only decide for the natural material that you prefer to use when you know which has the properties that you need in protecting your phone. For the most of it, regardless of which you choose, a natural material can definitely give you the love and care that your phone needs and deserves.