It's summertime, It's summer cases!

Posted by iCoverLover on Jan 05, 2018

It's time to get yourselves with a look that will surely give you a fully revamped style to simply approach this summer !

Here are some of the smartphone cases that are essential for you this Summer!

If you’re looking for a smartphone case that will fit most of the essential items in your pocket, or if you’re a type of person who just likes to carry a light load every day, then do not worry! We’ve got what you are looking for!

                                                   THE SLIM BACK COVER

The Slim back cover is a clever designed case which is built for you to store your smartphone in a much lighter load. It’s that easy! 

The Sea shell case created by sea wildlife to give you that summer vibrancy.

           White Genuine Seashell iPhone 6 & 6s CaseBlue Black Seashell iPhone 8 & 7 caseGreen Blue Genuine Seashell iPhone 8 & 7 Case       

This case offers your phone maximum protection while you are playing volleyball at the beach, surfing or even just playing around with your dog!

          Black and Gold Robust Armor iPhone 6 & 6S CaseBlack and Yellow Robust Armor iPhone 6 & 6S Case


Third ones are the Wooden, Marble stone and Bamboo. Simple unique cases that gives you that stylish look matching not just with you but also with the nature around.

                Left Mandala Engraved Wood iPhone 8 PLUS & 7 PLUS CaseTree of Life Wooden iPhone 6 & 6S Case

     White Bamboo Rainbow Wooden iPhone 6 & 6S CaseWindy Walnut Wood iPhone 6 & 6S Case


                                                      THE WALLET COVER

The wallet covers feature a prestigious design that can store both your phone and your essential everyday stuff such as credit cards, I.D’s, etc. It’s essentially made for people who likes to have all the documents and camera together in one phone wallet. Who doesn't feel craving fresh, cold fruit during the summer?

    Pineapple Leather Wallet iPhone 6 & 6S Case           Pineapple Leather Wallet iPhone 6 & 6S Case

Or, if you’re looking for more than stylish looks, how about trying this classy design that gives your phone full protection, an essential stuff overall-utilization and summer vibes!


      Brown Genuine Leather Zipper Wallet Detachable iPhone 5, 5S & SE Case  Brown Genuine Leather Zipper Wallet Detachable iPhone 5, 5S & SE Case

                                                   THE SLOT CARD COVER

This type of smartphone cover is perfect if you’re in for a much lighter load and just need to have one card which is easy to go on the back of the cover.

Blue Deluxe Leather iPhone 8 PLUS & 7 PLUS CaseFierre Shann Brown Ring Holder Genuine Leather iPhone 8 & 7 CaseRose Gold Strong Card Slot Samsung Galaxy S8 Case


                                                                 KIDS COVER

To give your kids a stylish look for this summer while using their smartphones and while also giving their phones that extra-grip to make sure that they’re ready for any summer adventures up ahead!

      Blue Shockproof Combination Hard Armor iPhone 5C CaseBlue Three Layer Protection iPhone 5, 5S & SE Case

It is built to protect your children’s tablet from any shock-related damages, with a stylish color which is totally perfect for this summer.

                  Orange Drop-resistant Handheld Kid Friendly Foam iPad Mini 1, 2, 3 Case          Orange Drop-resistant Handheld Kid Friendly Foam iPad Mini 1, 2, 3 Case