Top 5 Apps to Find the Best Petrol Price in Australia

Posted by Anja, iCoverLover on Mar 25, 2021

Top 5 Apps to Find the Best Petrol Price in Australia

The main effect on the price of fuel is the overseas cost of crude oil and getting it here. That is why the prices of fuel fluctuate regularly and it is in our interest to fill up the tank at the cheapest cost possible. If we would know when the prices are going up or when they are dropping, we could enjoy significant savings. As this is difficult to know, the fuel price apps are getting very popular and useful around Australia. They can help users to find the cheapest fuel in their proximity.

Here are 5 apps we recommend to get the best deal on fuel and save money.


MotorMouth is a simple app with many features. The app tracks prices from around 4500 Australian service stations that are updated and submitted by drivers who record prices from stations in their proximity. Users can view market trends and forecasts, see the lowest prices near them on a map, save their ideal locations and collect credits for prizes and rewards within the app. Credits can be earned by submitting fuel prices.

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Compare the Market - Simples app

Comparison site Compare the Market has its own app for tracking the lowest prices of fuel. The app has an option for you to choose the type of fuel you use, enter the location or destination and find the cheapest fuel on the way. The prices are refreshed three times a day and are available for all capital cities. By using the Simples app regularly you can start saving on your fuel bill over time.

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Fuel Map Australia

Fuel Map Australia is another easy app to use for finding and keeping track of the cheapest fuel prices. The app looks like a map with icons that show nearby service stations and their fuel prices which can be added and edited by app users, even you. For logged users, there is also an option to keep track of their fuel purchases and vehicle’s fuel economy.

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Track and compare fuel prices added by PetrolSpy users around Australia. Choose your location and be one of many users who contributes to the app by submitting fuel prices near you. With every price update, you will have a chance to win a $25 fuel card every day.

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The Refueler app is rumoured to launch soon and is supposed to be the best app for saving on fuel. The app will have an option to pre-purchase fuel and fill up the tank later, so users will have a chance to get fuel at its cheapest price. Consumers will also get alerts when fuel prices will be rising or dropping at their location. The app will be available for iOS and Android, but for now, check their website and be ready for the launch.

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