Queen’s Birthday

Posted by iCoverLover on Jun 13, 2017

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It will be the Queen’s Birthday soon! Basically, the Sovereign is having two birthdays in one year. This is most especially when the original birthday falls on a season that is not fit for parades and public appearances. Thus, the Queen’s birthday is set to be on a summer time!

Originally, the Sovereign’s birthday is on April 21. However, because of the season, it is set to be on June 10. This year it would be on a Saturday! It is coming so near already so you should definitely have quite of an idea as to what you can do to wish her well and celebrate her birthday together with everybody else!

This is such a wonderful time of the year since they may be having some kind of a parade, which is also known as the Trooping Colour! What makes it extra special is the fact that there is a possibility that you can squeeze through that crowd and have an upfront gaze at the Sovereign!

You should remember to bring your phone on this special occasion as you may have an opportunity to have some photos of the important people! You can update it on your social media accounts and let your friends envy you for being there at the actual place of celebration.

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Since you will be bringing your phone, you should make sure that it is also dressed up for the occasion. It should have a special case for the Sovereign’s birthday! Also, choose the one that is surely going to be protective of your phone against the possible scratches and bumps that it can have due to the crowd.

Keep in mind that the struggle may not be at a minimal. In fact, you might just have to have some patience with you as the weather may be so hot and it might take a rather long time for you to get through a lot of people.

What is the best solution for that?

Just try your best to enjoy the moment. It is not every day that the Queen is going to have a birthday. It is going to be an opportunity for you to go out there and meet some new people. Be exposed to the sunlight and showcase your phone! With its awesome phone case design, you would surely meet somebody that might be interested in having his or her phone case too.

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Although, you need to be mindful of your things. Make sure that you keep them in your bag, and that it is not easily accessible to some pickpockets and other harmful beings that may be at loose during such time.

Yes, it is possible for you to have fun and be careful at the same time. The security would be at peak during this time but you just cannot tell when the people with bad intentions cold attack. It is important that you take some safety precautions.

Also, one last tip, this moment is best enjoyed when you are with your friends or your family!