PopSockets PopGrip, Swappable, Phone Holder & Stand, Charmander Knocked

Charmander Knocked


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We cannot promise you will feel one with the universe, but this stunning grip will undoubtedly make you feel more in sync with your phone. Swappable PopGrips not only allow you to interchange your PopTops to suit your style, but also enable wireless charging. They have all the benefits of the Original PopGrips. PopGrip and PopTop designs make swapping out your top piece a breeze. Moreover, the PopTop can be easily removed to allow wireless charging. This PopGrip offers a secure grip so you can easily text with one hand, take better photos, and even watch your favorite cat videos hands-free! It also doubles as a convenient stand for on-the-go video watching. It is repositionable and adheres to most devices and cases (may not stick to silicone or waterproof cases).

  • Allows for easy swapping of PopTops to match your style
  • Enables wireless charging through easy removal of the PopTop
  • Offers the same benefits as the Original PopGrips
  • Provides a secure grip for one-handed texting, enhanced photo-taking, and hands-free cat video watching
  • Functions as a convenient stand for watching videos
  • Repositionable and sticks to most devices and cases (some silicone and waterproof cases won't adhere well)