Saving Money in Australia: A Guide to Budget and Coupon Apps

Posted by iCoverLover on Apr 03, 2023

Save money

One important thing to do with the money you’ve worked so hard to get is to save it. Whether it is for your kids’ college funds, a long vacation in the tropics, your retirement, or simply saving for emergencies, having that extra cash stored somewhere is convenient. With bills and various transactions piling on every month, it can be hard to put money aside for whatever reason.

Saving money requires a lot of determination and discipline. In this guide, we will discuss some of the best phone apps that are developed to help you monitor your spending habits, find shopping deals, save on groceries, food, drinks and fuel and achieve your saving goals easily. Let's review their features and see how they can help Aussies with their finances.

Best 5 Apps That Will Help You Save Money


Spriggy is a safe and secure budgeting mobile app that has been designed to help you and your family plan and maintain financial budgets.

With Spriggy, parents can place certain restrictions on what and where their children can purchase, allowing them to monitor their spending patterns and place limits on the amount of money their children can spend in certain locations.

The platform provides a variety of beautifully designed prepaid credit cards. These cards allow your children to spend only what is available to them in their accounts. Spriggy is truly an amazing app and helps your kids learn the value of money management and offers advice on smart money habits. 

Spriggy is available for Android and iOS devices.

Fuel Map

Fuel Map is another great app for managing your money. The app is a crowd-sourced database of fuel prices and petrol stations from all over Australia. It also provides real-time prices of fuel in Western Australia.

Fuel Map gives you the location of petrol stations across Australia. The locations are shown on the map as branded pins, and the latest fuel prices are displayed above the branded logos.

The application is also configured with a Slide-in Site list, making it a convenient way to find the lowest petroleum price in your area. There is also a fuel log option that allows you to keep track of your fuel purchases and your vehicle’s fuel economy in your account.


Groupon is an app that allows you to save money by providing information on the best purchasing deals available to you. With the Groupon app, you get access to promo codes, and you also receive alerts on special savings offers on your favourite products and services. The app also allows you to redeem vouchers and coupons on your mobile device. Groupon offers many different categories and also suggests some great options for gift ideas.
Their customers can use the Groupon app, which is available for Android and iOS devices.

Apps that help save money

Half Price

Another wonderful app for money management is Half Price. The Half Price app helps users organise their grocery list by providing prices of various products in supermarkets across Australia. It is easy to use, and the database is updated weekly. 


LightInTheBox is yet another app for saving money. It is the official mobile app for the online clothing store, It offers users amazing deals on the latest outfits and looks, discounts, and various sales promotions. New users are even given a limited offer of 10% off any product.

Other Apps Worth Mentioning


ShopBack works with over 1,500 merchants, including Chemist Warehouse, Big W, The Iconic, and Myer, as well as well-known brands like Apple and eBay. There are also daily 'Upsizes,' which are short-term promotions with increased Cashback. The apps reviews are quite promising so go ahead and give it a try.


The fintech app Frollo is one of the more advanced money management programs accessible to Australians, allowing users to connect anything from bank accounts and home loans to superannuation from 100+ financial institutions to receive a complete financial overview in one spot. Frollo is also one of the early users of open banking, which means it can supply consumers from partner banks with near real-time data.

Among its most beneficial features, the app lets users create their own budgets, establish and track objectives, and access customised insights. Spending is also automatically categorised, and there's even a bill tracking tool that informs users before bills arrive.


Selfwealth, which was founded in 2012, is still a major Australian trading and investment app. Selfwealth allows investors to trade shares in Australia, Hong Kong, and the United States and has stated that it will soon expand into cryptocurrency trading.

Selfwealth costs a set fee of $9.50 regardless of trade size, giving it a cost-effective trading app choice for people looking to get their feet wet in the stock market. It also provides training videos to teach Australians how to invest, solidifying its position as a trading software for newbies.


Saving can truly be a demanding task. However, using the apps we’ve listed above makes it a tad easier to reach your savings goals and also helps you plan your budget without you having to cut down on a lot of the things that bring you joy. By collecting data on your spending habits and income, you can use it to create a budget that allows you to meet your financial goals without having to drastically cut back on necessary expenses, which can be achieved by tracking your spending both online and offline, so that you can get a clear picture of where your money is going. You can even save more money by signing up for various retailers' customer loyalty and rewards programs across Australia.