Samsung's Revolutionary OLED "Flex In & Out" Technology: A Screen That Can Be Folded Inward And Outward

Posted by iCoverLover on Mar 22, 2023

One unique attribute of Samsung - known as a tech giant, is its will for greatness. Samsung is well-known for innovation, making amazingly great devices to suit millions of people. 

Samsung displayed a number of smartphone and laptop OLED display panels at CES 2023, including the Flex Hybrid, Flex Slideable Solo, and Flex Slidable Duet. They have decided to shock everyone with a prototype of a new tech device that can flex in and out. In fact, according to Samsung's spokesperson, John Lucas, the displays can fold inward and outward (rotating at 360 degrees). 

Technically, Samsung introduced the Galaxy Z Fold 4 in August 2022, which happened to be the device with the top folding technique in Samsung's collection during that period. But the company decided to top its game by improving the folding strategy that allows the users to experience a different grade of interactivity. 

The Galaxy Fold

How will the device with a foldable screen impact the market?

Samsung's new device with a foldable screen isn't fully ready or available on the market yet, but no doubt, once it is released, it will have a huge impact on the technology market. 

If the Samsung display technology turns out to be stylish and meets the wants of people, it could change things. This is because a lot of people have been so interested in well-designed foldable smartphones, and none of the phones on the market has been able to meet their wants. 

Samsung's Revolutionary OLED "Flex In & Out" Technology

Samsung's new foldable display device is called a flex hybrid and can fold in and out - in 360⁰. This is a flexible option for foldable phones that will spread out wide and fold to a smaller size. 

Based on previous rumours of this year's Galaxy Z Fold 5 model reportedly featuring a new hinge, some believe that Samsung could use a Flex In & Out display for its next foldable display phone. According to rumours, the smartphone may have a less noticeable crease due to a new hinge design. This would represent a major design update compared to previous phones in the series, and could potentially increase the already high price tag. The Galaxy Z Fold 4 phone was revealed last August, so we can expect its successor to be launched in the same month this year.

The benefits of the Samsung flex in and out technology 

Foldable screen on Samsung Galaxy

The new display would serve as a great benefit for those who need a phone that can carry out diverse purposes. The use of such a phone could be in the form of a tablet or a regular-sized phone. 

No doubt, this is a great benefit. You won't have to worry about purchasing a tablet because of its wide display - the Samsung flex in-and-out device can serve that purpose without hesitation. 

We definitely expect more benefits from the phone when more information is leaked, but for now, this is one of the benefits we find most interesting and attractive. 


The Samsung Galaxy device with a 360-degree foldable screen is still in development. Though there isn't much information about this device, if it turns out as Samsung plans, it will definitely make a great impact on the market. The question is when the new display will actually be available on the market. There is a lot to be enthusiastic about based on the comments and reviews that have been posted so far, so stay tuned for the latest news.