Benefits of a Phone Stand: How to Keep Your Phone Secure, Accessible, and Charged Up

Posted by iCoverLover on Mar 27, 2023

Phone stands are products that help you hold your phone or other smaller devices. They come in a variety of designs, shapes and features and keep your phone in a steady position for longer periods. Now, many people might wonder, ‘what good are phone stands when I already have arms?’

Honestly, holding your phone in your hand for a very long time is very inconvenient and can even cause health problems. Phone stands are a great fix for having to be on your phone for longer periods of time, and they are beneficial in many other ways too. In this guide, we are taking a deep look at phone stands and their usefulness. Let’s begin.

Types of phone stands and holders

Belkin Movement Tracking Tripod

There are numerous types of phone stands and holders to choose from:

  • Tripods - Mostly used for recording, these are especially popular among online celebrities.
  • Charging stands - Convenient stand and charger in one, perfect for an office desk or nightstand, to have the phone charged and ready for use at all times.
  • Car mounts - A phone mount keeps your smartphone visible while keeping your hands on the wheel. While keeping your eyes on the road, listen to a playlist and follow the GPS instructions.
  • Grips - The small (usually accordion-style) button adheres to the rear of your smartphone with a strong adhesive. The most popular grip stands are, of course, PopSockets' PopGrips.
  • Kickstands - The kickstand secures your phone and holds it up for easier viewing.

Most Common Uses

Every day, the average person spends 3 hours and 15 minutes on their phones all over the world. It's even longer for millennials and Gen Z'ers. No wonder phone stands are so popular. Fortunately, there is a cell phone holder for practically any occasion. You won't have to worry about dropping your smartphone or it falling out of your pocket. Let's see some of the most popular uses of phone stands and holders.

  • Driving

A phone mount keeps your smartphone visible while keeping your hands on the wheel. While keeping your eyes on the road, listen to your music playlist and follow the GPS. Keep your attention where it needs to be.

  • Recording (taking pictures and videos)

A tripod phone stand with an attached ring light is useful for any social media influencer, podcast host, Instagram or YouTube star. It greatly simplifies taking selfies and recording and is usually great for any surface, from a table to the ground even. Other stands are useful as well as they will keep the mobile device steady and ready to take great shots.

  • Watching Videos (in bed)

Connect an adjustable phone holder to your headboard to watch movies in bed. It's ideal if you don't have a television or if you want to listen to a podcast while falling asleep.

  • Working on Several Tasks Using a Phone Holder

Multitasking will be a piece of cake! If you have a lot of projects to work on, a phone stand allows you to view two or more devices at the same time. You are ready to tackle any problem.

  • Shopping for Groceries

To push a cart around the store, you must have both hands free. A phone holder on the handle allows you to check your digital grocery list without running into anyone.

  • Household Chores

While washing the pots and pans, utilise a phone holder to watch a video or even make video calls with family or friends. It's also convenient to be able to use your phone hands-free while cooking a new recipe.

  • Applying Makeup

Do you want to participate in a cosmetics tutorial? In your bathroom, keep a phone holder handy. Your hands will be free to easily apply lipstick, eyeliner, and blush.

Benefits of using phone stands and holders

There is a number of benefits of using a phone stand. Among other things, comfort and safety, road safety to be more exact. Let’s review why we believe all smartphone owners should get a phone holder.



One of the major reasons why phone stands are great is because of their convenience of use. Phone stands make it easy for you to do more without having to worry about where or how to place your phone. For instance, if you want to relax and watch a movie on your phone, having a stand makes it possible without having to stress your arm and neck. 


Sometimes, we get a little clumsy and forget where we put our phones. We even end up creating big messes when looking for it because of the fear of missing an important call or message. Phone stands are permanent holders for your phone. Having them assures you of your phone’s location, and you don’t have to worry about reorganising your stuff when searching for your phone ever again.


Let’s face it. Being on the phone for a long period has some negative side effects and lessens our level of productivity as workers or students. Placing your phone on a stand gives you the time you need to get away from it, allowing you to work even better. You can even work without the fear of missing out on important business calls and online meetings.

Also, if you are a content creator, having stands like a tripod can encourage you to produce more by making it easier for you to create steady and longer videos for your social platforms.

Road Safety

Belkin Universal Car Vent Mount For Smartphone

Another significant benefit of smartphone stands, especially holders, is the fact they foster some level of safety for us and our smartphones. Phones have become a sensitive part of our lives, and we even use them when driving to navigate our way around unfamiliar routes. The majority of holders are found in cars. There is frequently insufficient space in a car to reliably store a phone. When placed on a panel or shelf, it can easily slip and break while the automobile is in motion. The first concept of holder developers was to safeguard the phone from falling. With the introduction of fragile and costly mobile devices, this issue has grown much more pressing. Smartphones have taken on the roles of navigators, dashcams, and TV sets in automobiles and bicycles thanks to apps and reliable Internet connections. Mounting a phone on your car's dashboard gives you a good view of your phone’s navigation screen while keeping both hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road most of the time. This is much more convenient and safer than having to place your phone on your lap and look down for directions.

What Stand or Holder is Right for You

With so many different types of phone stands available, it might be difficult to select the correct one. Should you choose one that has a charger or one that swivels? How about the colour? Size? Portability? Weight?

Well, the best phone stand is one that keeps your smartphone securely in position. It should be simple to stow when not in use and not cause extra clutter, and it shouldn't cost too much to purchase it. Of course, always check the reviews from actual users to make sure the performance and functionality are on point and that you get some extra information on the use. Also, keep in mind that compatibility is a factor too, as not all stands and mounts on the market are universal. 


With the ease of use that a phone stand provides, everyone who owns a smartphone should have one at their disposal for their productivity and overall wellness, as it allows for hands-free viewing of their mobile phones, which can help reduce neck and back strain, as well as providing a more ergonomic viewing angle for a better user experience. Make your life a bit easier with a quality cell phone stand. At iCoverLover you can even add your own design to a kickstand.