Full Curved 3D For Samsung Galaxy S8 Back Protector

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Full Curved 3D Samsung Galaxy S8 Back Protector

  • Highest quality screen protector is made with specially processed material to protect the screen of the phone when they take a hit from outdoor impacts.

  • The back protector has a soft touch.

  • The protector is covered in anti-oil material to prevent fingerprints staying on the back.

  • Smooth gliding of the fingers to navigate easily.

Each Pack Includes:

  • Premium back protector

  • Cleaning cloth

Easy to use:

Preferably do this in a bathroom with the hot shower running to reduce dust particles in the air.

  • Clean the surface of your Samsung Galaxy S8 back with a small cloth.

  • The next step is to expose 1/3 of the Samsung Galaxy S8 back protector without touching the adhesive side.

  • Align the exposed section with the edges of the back and make sure the back protector has been placed straight.

  • Peel off the mask with the provided sticker after application is completed.


Using excessive force when installing or removing the back protector may damage the product.