For Apple Watch Series 3, 38-mm Case, Slim TPU Protective Cover, Yellow



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Step up the protection of your Apple Watch Series 3 with 38mm case size with our Slim Transparent Soft TPU Protective Case. This high-quality case is designed to provide your watch with superior safety while maintaining its sleek appearance. Ideal for active lifestyles, it ensures that your device stays secure during all your adventures.

  • High-Quality TPU Material - Offers a durable, transparent layer of protection.
  • Superior Durability - Protects against drops, bumps, and scratches with ease.
  • Device Compatibility - Perfectly fits Apple Watch Series 3 model, 38mm case size.
  • Professional Design - Crafted by expert manufacturers to deliver the highest level of protection.

With this TPU Protective Case, your Apple Watch is shielded while allowing its design to shine through. It's the perfect blend of protection and style, making it an essential accessory for your device.

To ensure compatibility, verify your Apple Watch model by checking the back of the device or navigating to Apple Watch Settings > General > About > Model. Tap the model number to confirm it matches the specifications for this screen protector.