EFM FLUX 15W Wireless Charging Pad with 20W Wall Charger

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Experience the ultimate carefree set-and-charge power solution with the EFM FLUX 15W Wireless Charging Pad. Featuring integrated and secure magnetic alignment, this charging pad can effortlessly power all your wirelessly charged enabled gear with up to 15W of precise wireless power, providing 7.5W to an iPhone. The minimalist design, sophisticated anodised aluminium and premium fabric finishes seamlessly integrate with the aesthetic language of the iPhone, offering a luxurious charging experience. Its light and compact form factor allows you to use your device while it charges, providing convenience and simplicity. Just snap it to the back of your iPhone, sit back and relax.

  • Integrated and Secure Magnetic Alignment: Ensures efficient charging every time.
  • 15W Precise Wireless Power: Provides efficient wireless charging for all wirelessly charged enabled gear.
  • Compatible with iPhone: Delivers 7.5W to an iPhone for efficient charging.
  • Minimalist Design and Sophisticated Anodised Aluminium and Premium Fabric Finishes: Provides a luxurious aesthetic that complements the iPhone design language.
  • Light and Compact Form Factor: Allows you to use your device while it's charging.
  • 20W Wall Charger Included: Ensures you have everything you need for efficient charging right out of the box.