What types of content are being favored by mobile streamers?

Posted by iCoverLover on Jun 25, 2018

There is no denying the prevalence of mobile devices in today’s world. You can find several published studies and articles across the Internet testifying to that very fact.

Mobile Video Streaming

In fact, a Pew Research study has been able to establish the growth that the mobile user demographic has sustained in terms of online content consumption since 2014.

For instance, one of the facts observed by that study showed that total revenues enjoyed by websites that serve ads have reached $18.99 billion in 2014 in the United States alone. This is a very significant growth, as mobile ad revenues in US websites were only at $1.45 billion in 2011.

So, that brings us to the question: what types of content are being favored by mobile streamers? What do your fellow men and women watch while engrossed on their mobile phones?

News Broadcasts

It pays to be informed about what is happening with the rest of the world. That, of course, is the main reason why you sprawl out on your living room before dinner to watch the news broadcasts.

Thanks to the improvements in picture quality in mobile devices, people like you are now becoming more reliant on their tablets and smartphones to view news content.

With 1080p-capable phone models being widely available on the market, you can now expect the same experience and quality in streaming video clips in your mobile devices as you enjoy with their laptop and PC. Plus, it’s more convenient!

It’s worth noting that, according to the New York Film Academy, news outfits previously designed their online content around a single assumption. They thought that people only watch previews on their mobile devices and then move on to the desktop or laptop for the full content.

TV Show Episodes

Other studies have also noted the progressively increasing amount of time people spend watching online video content on their mobile devices.

According to Video Ink, citing Ooyala data on the first quarter of 2015, users streaming from mobile devices in March that year have accounted for nearly 50% of user engagement for online videos. This is twice the share of mobile video streaming in March 2014.

That’s just in 2015. There would be more users now viewing content in any platform using their mobile devices.

Now, as people are turning more to mobile for their news broadcasts, it also makes sense that they would also use the same device to watch episodes of their favorite shows in video streaming services like Netflix.

Let’s take Netflix, for example. The popular streaming website says that 30% of its total number of users signed up to the service using mobile devices.

Social Media Content

Have you come across a video shared by a friend of yours on Facebook that looks interesting? Would you wait until you’re on a PC before you watch it or would you do so on your mobile?

Of course, you’d want to do it on your phone. Adding to that decision is perhaps the fact that you are interested in the content. Facebook, among other websites, has a smart algorithm that customizes content that comes along your News Feed based on your previous choices of media.

The nature of mobile devices also guarantees that 50% of people who receive suggested videos on any platform while using a tablet or smartphone are going to watch the content right away.

You’re on the move, after all, and the only device handy for viewing that content is your tablet or phone.


Subscription-based music streaming services are on the rise. You are, most likely than not, a subscriber of Spotify, one of the most popular of these platforms.

In fact, mobile streaming of music is such a trend that companies are actually recognizing the potential revenues in that market.

In fact, they’re talking $220 million in untapped ad revenues, Ad Age says.

According to Ad Age, data from the Streaming State of Mind study undertaken by Spotify and its partner WPP indicate that people use mobile devices to stream music while doing some form of activity.

Would you like to know the statistics? Well, the study reveals that 60% of streaming across multiple platforms, including Spotify, are done using a mobile device.

This is, once again, due to the convenience that mobile devices bring into your overall experience as an end user. After all, you could play music from online platforms without being disturbed while you’re cooking, exercising, household chores and even showering.

Curiously, you can also attribute part of music streaming’s popularity to a reluctance to own the music being streamed.

This is prevalent among the youth, who says that there is too much work required in order to actually own the music, a report by CNN said.

According to the report, more and more college-age music fans are preferring to stream music using services like Pandora, Spotify, Napster, The Hype Machine and 8tracks.

CNN attributes this preference to the access provided by these services to a wide library of music, for a fixed monthly membership fee. In addition to that, you also have a choice of the type of service you enjoy from each platform.

In other words, if you can access millions of music coming from various artists for a price that’s a fragment of the value of those music and in a convenient manner, would you not take it?

It’s amazing how much technology has progressed these days. With the capability provided by your mobile devices and the content offered by online streaming platforms, you can now access videos and music you like or are interested in conveniently.

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