​What Do the Experts Think of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X?

Posted by iCoverLover on Sep 03, 2018

Apple has made quite a buzz with its release of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X last year. Both of these new models introduced a lot of updated features that were not found in previous models, especially with the design.

Considering that they’re quite an investment in the price section, it’s best to find out what people, especially the experts, say about these two next-generation iPhones. Let’s begin with the iPhone X.

What Experts Say About the iPhone X

Trusted Reviews, one of the top review websites in the Internet that deals with mobile devices, have several things to say about the iPhone X.

Among others, the review website hailed the new Face ID technology in the iPhone X. According to the reviewer, the Face ID scanner boasted the capability of recognizing any registered face in both light and dark conditions.

Another feature that Trusted Reviews praised about the Face ID is that it is able to recognize the owner’s face even when the eyes are hidden behind clear glasses. Wearing sunglasses will not result into a successful recognition as well.

However, Trusted Reviews warns, the Face ID scanning only works if the phone is held close to the face, so you can’t just look down on the device and expect it to unlock.

Also, although agreeing that the new notch at the top of the iPhone X gives it a unique look, Trusted Reviews found that the small space on either side of the feature gives limited space for certain information.

For example, Apple’s battery indicator no longer indicates battery percentage, just an icon because of the limited space available to it at its corner of the screen next to the notch.

The only way you can find out the remaining battery percentage is to go to the control center, which can be inconvenient if you’re in a hurry.

Tech Radar, another authority website on technology news, also has nothing but praise for the iPhone X. The site even called it as the iPhone that everyone have been clamoring for in the decade that the product line has existed.

One of the features it praised was the OLED screen, which has come to the iPhone line for the first time since its introduction. According to Tech Radar, anyone looking at the screen from any angle can see the contents of it without the usual darkening.

In addition, Tech Radar finds the color profile in the OLED screen more accurate than other devices. It is also thanks to the True Tone technology, a unique technology not found in the iPhone X’s staunchest competitor, the Samsung Galaxy S9.

Tech Radar also found that the OLED technology, employed in the iPhone X the Apple way, enriches the visual experience of watching movies using the smartphone.

One thing that both reviewers didn’t like is the metal rim of the iPhone X’s casing. This is because it’s not resistant to scratch, and you would have to purchase a separate case to protect the rim from scratching.

If not, you’ll find that the back part of your case will look older in just a few months because of scuff marks.

What Experts Say About the iPhone 8

DigitalTrends calls the iPhone 8 a “powerful” machine. Indeed, with its six-core A11 Bionic processor, it runs really smooth that you can do your tasks in a fraction of a time faster than you would with older models.

The website’s review found that the device is able to switch from one application to another in a breeze. This is impressive, considering that the iPhone 8 only has 2GB of RAM, which is remarkably lower than the memory used by the iPhone X.

Although the iPhone 8 does not have a dual-lens setup that the iPhone X has, Digital Trends still finds the 12-megapixel f/1.8 camera as one of the best mobile cameras around in the market.

One of the cons, however, is the battery life. This is an area which Apple has struggled with since the beginning of the iPhone line. The iPhone 8 comes with a smaller battery capacity than the iPhone 7, which means that the battery life is even shorter than that of its predecessor.

Apple does make up for it by adding fast charging support but, sadly, you’d have to pay an additional $35 for the fast charger.

With that charger, however, the smartphone can recover half of its battery life from zero in just half an hour. That capability makes up for the extra expense, in a way.

David Pierce, on the other hand, of Wired praised the video capabilities of the iPhone 8, rivaling even those of a DSLR. A Canon EOS 70D, for instance, can only shoot slow motion videos at 720p.

With the iPhone 8, however, you can shoot slow motion videos at full HD resolution. Not only that, you can also shoot slo-mo at 4k.

If cinematic shooting is your cup of tea, of course, Apple gives you the unparalleled capability of shooting videos at 24 frames per second!

It Gets Even Better with the Next iPhone Line

It’s the month of September and iPhone fans know that, in the next two weeks, we’ll be entering the day in which Apple announces its new iPhone models.

There are many things that one should look forward to with the new iPhone models, although details are not solid until Apple officially unveils the specifications of the versions.

What is expected, however, is a bigger screen size for the iPhone X successor and bigger RAM, Mac Rumors say.

The largest screen size in the three new iPhones is 6.5 inches OLED, with a resolution of 480 to 500 pixels per square inch. That means more detail in the display, theoretically. The RAM for this new model is expected to be at 4 GB.

There’s also a 6.1-inch model that’s expected to have a screen of 6.1 inches, but will have a TFT-LCD screen rather than an OLED screen. The PPI is also expected to be at 320-300 pixels per inch.

They are also expected to retain the notch found only in the iPhone X, Mac Rumors speculates.

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