HTC U12 Plus: Everything you need to know about HTC’s latest phone

Posted by iCoverLover on May 29, 2018

The HTC U12 Plus is here. The 6-inch flagship arrives in a crowded market of competitors, but has a lot to offer.

This year's phone features a sleek glass design, now available in several colors, including one with a translucent back to see some of the U12 Plus interior parts.

Not much has changed in general, but there are several new parts in this phone that certainly make it interesting compared to your average phone. HTC has risen to a double-lens configuration on the back of its U12 Plus, not only, but has put two selfie cams in the front.

Edge Sense on the HT11 U11 did not beat us at all, but it looks like it will expand on this year's phone. We intend to deepen this aspect, in addition to touching all the other new features that will be available in the period before the complete revision that will be published soon.

Release date and price of HTC U12 Plus

  • Release date of HTC U12 Plus: May 23rd
  • Release date of HTC U12 Plus: the presale starts on May 23rd
  • Price HTC U12 Plus: starting at $799 / £699

HTC U12 Plus was launched on May 23rd. HTC has confirmed that its latest phone will make rounds around the world, but is unable to confirm availability or pricing details for Australia.

In the United States You can purchase U12 Plus through the Amazon or HTC website. HTC has confirmed that the operators of EE. UU. AT & T, Verizon and T-Mobile are allowed. Unfortunately, Sprint users will have to set it aside.

Outside the United States Currently, it seems that may be the only way to buy one.

In terms of prices, HTC goes rather high with a tag of $799 (£699). 

HTC U12 Plus design

  • A glass cup with curves
  • Resistance to water and dust
  • Without a headphone jack

If you have paid attention to the losses before HTC U12 Plus, you will notice that what has been confirmed corresponds almost perfectly to speculation.

The flagship product HTC 2018 reaches 156.6 x 73.9 x 8.7-9.7 mm and weighs 188 grams. Compared to last year's HT11 U11, this is higher, a bit thicker and heavier, but a little less wide.

In terms of ports and button designs, it does not seem to change much, that is, until you have the phone in your hand. The buttons are not really buttons, but tactile sensors. Press and vibrate.

The "Liquid Surface" design from HTC goes one step further with some new color options on offer. Not all colors are available in all regions where the phone will be launched, but there are Flame Red, Ceramic Black and Translucent Blue, the latest of which HTC is the most demanding for this model.

It's worth talking a bit about Edge Sense 2, since it's the latest addition to each smartphone that HTC has been producing. It can recognize how a user holds the phone and lets them touch it with just one finger to make the screen a little easier to navigate with one hand.

Knowing which fingers are wrapped around the phone, moving from a standing position to a positioning position will no longer send the U12 Plus screen out of control: if its grip has not moved, the screen will not.

HTC U12 Plus screen

  • A 6-inch LCD6 screen
  • Resolution 1440 x 2880
  • Minimum bevel, but not indented

HTC U12 Plus is equipped with a 6-inch WQHD + 1440 x 2880 Super 6-inch LCD screen. Surely it is not an OLED screen, as many of the company's competitors are opting, but our first impressions of the phone have shown that it offers a pretty good show.

Here you will find a pixel density of 537 pixels per inch, with the DCI-P3 color ranges. In addition, HDR 10 will be available from the factory, although its cameras can not acquire HDR images.

Unlike most other smartphones that will be released in 2018, the HTC U12 Plus does not have a notch, whatever it is for you, someone likes it, others do not.

HTC U12 Plus camera and battery

  • A 12 MP and 16 MP dual lens rear camera
  • A front camera with two lenses and 8 megapixels
  • A 3,500 mAh battery, but without wireless charging
  • The losses were correct on the cameras around the U12 Plus and on the battery inside.

Starting with the cameras, HTC really doubled (no pun intended) in optics. It has an additional lens on the back, so there is now a dedicated Ultrapixel 4 on 12 MP lens having an aperture of f /1.75 and 16MP lens and optical telephoto zoom manipulation 2x and f /2.6.

Both OIS and EIS are used for photos and videos, so, in theory, no blurry content should not appear on the camera roll. In addition, the HTC camera software allows you to adjust the depth of field in real time, while the camera is pointed or in post-production.

Moving forward, HTC has also doubled its offering here, launching two 8-megapixel cameras that provide a field of view of 84 degrees F /2.0. They will treat you with the same effects bokeh in the back, but without OIS or EIS here.

Power and storage of HTC U12 Plus

  • A Snapdragon 845 chipset
  • 6 GB of RAM
  • Up to 128 GB of storage space and microSD support

It's confirmed: the HTC U12 Plus has a Snapdragon 845 chipset, 6 GB of RAM, and starts with 64 GB of integrated storage space with an integrated microSD slot. If you want to increase your money a bit more, you can double the size of the internal ROM to 128 GB, although it is better to invest in a microSD card.

All of this means that HTC finally has a phone that can compete with the best Android phones, although that does not mean it is not outperformed by the 8 GB RAM variant of OnePlus 6, even if only for a short time.

Android Oreo will be in this phone at launch with HTC's Sense 10 interface, although HTC has confirmed to TechRadar that Android P will be traveling to the phone after its launch.

Thank you for reading.