Hacks to Improve your Smartphone Experience

Posted by iCoverLover on Jun 26, 2017

Your smartphone can do more than what you think of it. It’s more than just letting you have some entertainment when you are so bored that you can even think of anything just to make yourself occupied for a moment. Your smartphone is more than communication among your colleagues, family and friends. It is more than just giving you the best games that you can have.

All you need to know are the hacks that could optimize your use of your smartphone. There are hacks that even the experts have little or no idea about it. Be prepared to know about these useful hacks improve your smartphone experience.

Hacks for Android Phones

Spare Parts Plus.

Hacks to Improve your Smartphone Experience

As a busy person as you are, you only need to have one area in your Android that could let you function almost all of the significant settings that you have. These settings could include your battery history, information, and statistics to know what is consuming much of your phone's power. You could also control your animations and reduce its movements to save your battery.

With Spare Parts Plus, you can do all of these in order to give yourself a break from a low battery situation at such an early hour. This application also fights the other apps that seem to devour all of your battery power which undeniably annoying.

Bloatware Freezer.

Hacks to Improve your Smartphone Experience

Have you noticed that when you install some really useful and entertaining apps, they seem to include, as if a package deal, some useless apps? You do not really need those but they are taking up your system, thus the term 'bloatware' for bloating software. You need to get rid of those immediately before they could give your Android some issues that you would surely prefer not to deal with.

Bloatware Freezer could help you with it. This could freeze all of those useless apps. What happens then? You would surely have a faster Android system with way lesser battery usage. As a result, your phone could have a longer life to occupy you and keep you from boredom.

My Locker.

Hacks to Improve your Smartphone Experience

According to a survey, when people get bored and check on their phones, they would oftentimes only unlock their screens and lock again. It seems to be just a cycle. When doing this, the lock screen could be seen for almost every minute of every day. Thus, it would only be appropriate to set a lock screen that is totally attractive to look at and that which the majority could tolerate for the entire day.

Guess what, you do not have to look for the best lock screen themes as My Locker has got them all. You can just browse and have yourself choose for your very own lock screen for Android. This is actually great as it could let you choose your own preferences.

Hacks for iPhone


Hacks to Improve your Smartphone Experience

Didn't you know that you can actually use your phone as an effective tool for etching-a-sketched? Wait, what? What does this do?

Have you ever committed a typo while typing a message or updating a status or tweeting? It's kind of irritating when you have to tap delete button just to erase the whole word, right? Then you need to check this out. Try shaking your phone whenever you think you have made a mistake. Not only does it give you the comfort of deleting the word, it also could save you from the hassle that you experience when deleting it manually.

Invert colours for night mode.

Hacks to Improve your Smartphone Experience

Do you have a roommate that gets frequently annoyed by how late you browse your phone, ever when it's already bed time? Are they easily disturbed by the display or the brightness?

There's a simple hack for that! You could go to your accessibility settings and switch Invert Colours on. Now you could be comfortable at using your iPhone at night without having to disturb a roommate or without hurting your eyes. Incredible!

Shut down autofocus with a tap.

Hacks to Improve your Smartphone Experience

Didn’t you know that you could actually turn off your autofocus? Yes, you can! And doing so wouldn’t require much of your energy. You only need to tap the screen and autofocus off you go!

Swipe left for the timestamps.

Hacks to Improve your Smartphone Experience

Are you fond of reviewing the timestamps of the exchange of conversations that you have with a friend? Well, then you should know that you could view the timestamps for your conversation in such a great ease!

You only need to go into your own conversation and swipe left. There you could see the timestamps as clear as the sun on a hot summer day!

These are only bits and snippets of what you can do with your smartphones! See, there are setting and applications that you keep on ignoring when in fact it could do you great! Live up the experience of being a smartphone user with these hacks!

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