5 Must-Have Australia Christmas Mobile Apps For An Unforgettable Holiday Season In 2022

Posted by iCoverLover on Dec 12, 2022

There is something in the air... The holiday season is here! Christmas bells are ringing, lights are shining, decorations are up and the tree is put in its place where it awaits presents. It is the time of the year when you get to enjoy time with your family, experience new adventures or even some shopping thrills with discounts on sales, with different opportunities to make the season a great one. But did you know that using some mobile apps can make your holiday unforgettable? You might be wondering how.

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Mobile apps can be a way to make your Christmas activities easier to manage or more fun. For instance, if you want to send funny Christmas-inspired photos or greeting cards to your friends and family, you can easily do that by using a mobile app. 

Also, if you want to keep track of all the things you need for the festive period, there is an app that has been made to make it easier. These mobile applications will be shared in this blog post for you to download and make your Christmas unforgettable. But first, let's learn a bit more about celebrating Christmas in Australia.

What are the most popular Christmas traditions in Australia?

Though Christmas is celebrated globally, different parts of the world, have different ways they celebrate this season. If you're a new resident of Australia or just a visitor to our country and you're not sure about how we celebrate Christmas, read on.

Carols by candlelight and Christmas parties 

On Christmas eve, Australians, from Adelaide to Melbourne, Brisbane to Perth or any other city, observe a popular Christmas tradition which is attending carolling by candlelight. Almost everyone attends this gathering to sing carols, an amazing way to unite people, residents and visitors alike.

The people sing along to all the songs performed by the singers or orchestra. And they do this by holding candlelight. 

Additionally, weeks and days before Christmas, workplaces organize their parties - including personal or family celebrations. 

At an office or home party, Australians like to enjoy everything from holidays-themed music to eating plenty of good food and drinking to their fullest, making sure that nothing is left out of the celebration.

Beach gathering and welcoming Santa 

Aside from singing carols or organizing parties, Australians gather at the beach with their Christmas hats and trees to signify the celebration of Christmas. 

Christmas in Australia - Going to the beach

Family and friends are usually found at the beach, partying with a lot of food, playing, and so on. After that, on Christmas day, families put cookies outside their homes to thank Santa for delivering presents to them. Even though Australians don't celebrate a white Christmas, we sure know how to celebrate it in the best way possible even without the snow.

Boxing day 

In cities all around Australia, people gather to celebrate Boxing Day with a variety of activities such as parades, street parties, and fireworks displays, as well as special sales and discounts in stores and malls, giving people the opportunity to take advantage of the post-Christmas bargains. This day is usually a public holiday for all, and events like "boxing day test match - a cricket match and yacht race (Sydney to Hobart)" are also held on this day.

How do mobile apps help users celebrate Christmas?

Mobile apps help users celebrate Christmas by providing users with helpful features conveniently accessible from their smartphone, iPad or other iOS or Android devices. 

For example, for those that would want to celebrate Christmas on a budget, there is a mobile app that has been designed with tools that help them create budgets and track their progress. 

What are the most popular Christmas mobile apps in Australia for 2022?

Below are the most popular Christmas mobile apps in Australia that you can download right now. Head to your app store and find some apps that will make your activities easier and more fun or get some ideas to spend time with your loved ones.

Christmas Booth: Festive Photo

Christmas cannot be fun without taking amazing pictures to remember the season annually. With the Christmas booth fun photo application, parents and kids can easily transform into a fluffy kitten or a Santa to make the season more fun.

There are a lot of amazing characters you can turn into using this Christmas booth. One thing you can do to show your friends and family that you care is to send them photos or greeting cards through a mobile app; this is a great way to stay connected and show your appreciation for the people you care about. Not to worry, you don't have to pay any fee to use this app - it is completely free.

Download Christmas Booth to your iOS device.

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Video call - Speak to Santa app 

Remember when you were a kid, you believed that Santa Claus is real and loved Santa so much? The same goes for children today. Which is why they are super excited about the Christmas season. 

With this app, you can give your children the opportunity to video call and speak to Santa. There's a personalized option in the app that Santa addresses your kids by name - no doubt, this will make them happy. However, you should keep in mind that you might have to pay a certain amount to purchase some items on the app. 
Find download options at https://northpolecommandcenter.com/.

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Christmas Pics Quiz Game

In this game, you're given a picture with different letters below it, and all you have to do is guess the name of the item in the photo. If you get it, you will move to the next level. This type of game is usually challenging but fun - and completely free to access. 
Download for Android or iOS devices.

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Christmas Cookie

This mobile app requires you to swap a variety of cookies, either 2 or 3, with the same flavour at a time. You'd get to open gift boxes, break out Christmas stockings, and so on. When you match the cookies, you match Santa, dance and sing. 
Explore download options at https://www.rvappstudios.com/christmas-cookie.html...

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Source: https://appgrooves.com/

Christmas List app

This app helps you so much to track all the items you need to get for Christmas. You can list your groceries and other market supplies, presents, and other things you want to purchase for the family. You can also monitor your progress and create budgets on the app. Part of using the app to track progress and create budgets is that you may have to pay a price, but it can be worth it in the long run if it helps you stay organized and on top of your finances.

Download the app to your Android.

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You can make your Christmas holiday a memorable one by bringing some extra magic with cool mobile apps such as Speak to Santa, the Christmas list app, and so on. We hope the tips above help make your life a bit more festive.
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