​Common Android Issues and Solutions for Australian Users

Posted by iCoverLover on Oct 26, 2023

Android, a widely used operating system for mobile devices, has become synonymous with flexibility, customisation, and a broad range of applications. However, with such extensive usage and functionalities, users often encounter various issues. This article delves into the most common Android problems faced by users in Australia and provides potential solutions to rectify these snags.

1. Battery Draining Quickly

Common complaint: "My phone's battery doesn't last the whole day!"


Reduce Screen Brightness: Adjusting your screen brightness can save a significant amount of battery. Navigate to Settings > Display > Brightness level and adjust accordingly.

Limit Background Processes: Some apps continue running in the background, consuming battery. Head to Settings > Apps and select apps you believe are unnecessary to run in the background and tap on 'Force Stop'.

Update Apps and Software: Regularly check the Google Play Store for app updates and Settings > Software Update for system updates.

Battery Draining Issues on Android | iCoverLover

2. Overheating

Common complaint: "My phone gets too hot!"


Avoid Direct Sunlight: Just like any other electronic device, Android devices can become hot when exposed to the sun. Keep them in the shade.

Limit Resource-Intensive Apps: Streaming, gaming, or using the camera for extended periods can cause overheating. Give your phone a break from time to time.

Use Original Chargers: Cheap or non-branded chargers can lead to overheating. Stick to the original charger that came with your device.

3. Connectivity Issues (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth)

Common complaint: "I can't connect to my home Wi-Fi!" or "My Bluetooth headphones won't pair!"


Restart Your Device: This age-old solution works wonders. A simple restart can rectify many connectivity issues.

Forget and Reconnect: For Wi-Fi, go to Settings > Network & Internet > Wi-Fi, select your network and tap on 'Forget'. Reconnect by entering the password again. For Bluetooth, do the same under the Bluetooth settings.

Check for Interferences: Other electronic devices, thick walls or certain apps can cause connectivity issues. Try changing your device's position or closing potential interfering apps.

Connectivity Issues with WiFi | iCoverLover

4. Google Play Store Errors

Common complaint: "I can't download apps from the Play Store!"


Clear Cache and Data: Navigate to Settings > Apps > Google Play Store > Storage and tap on 'Clear Cache' and 'Clear Data'.

Check Internet Connection: Ensure you have a stable connection, either Wi-Fi or mobile data.

Update Play Store: Sometimes, an outdated Play Store can cause errors. Check if an update is available.

5. Slow Performance

Common complaint: "My phone has become so slow!"


Clear Cache: Periodically clear cache of individual apps from Settings > Apps.

Uninstall Unused Apps: Over time, we tend to accumulate many apps. Regularly uninstall those you no longer use.

Factory Reset: As a last resort, after backing up your data, consider performing a factory reset from Settings > System > Reset.

6. Expensive Data Charges

Common complaint: "My mobile bill was AUD 50 more than usual!"


Set Data Limit: Navigate to Settings > Network & Internet > Data Usage, and set a warning and a limit for your mobile data.

Monitor App Data Usage: Check which apps are consuming the most data and restrict background data for them.

Use Wi-Fi: Whenever possible, connect to Wi-Fi to save on mobile data charges.

7. Insufficient Storage

Common complaint: "I can't take photos anymore, my storage is full!"


Use Cloud Storage: Google Photos offers free storage for photos and videos. Alternatively, consider other cloud services available in Australia.

Clear Cache: This can free up some space.

SD Card: If your phone has an SD card slot, consider purchasing one. In Australia, a 64GB card can be purchased for around AUD 25-35.


Android issues, while common, often have straightforward solutions. Regular maintenance and updates can ensure a smoother experience. Understanding data charges, using metric units, and being aware of regional settings can prevent potential pitfalls for Australians. If problems persist, consider seeking expert advice or visiting a local service centre.