For Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ PLUS Armour Case, Pink



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The Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Plus Armour Case features:

  • Designed for Galaxy Note 10+ Plus only
  • Fingerprint Free Case
  • Anti-Shock Technology
  • Double-layered Case
  • Independent Button Technology

Protection Features

There's no need to worry if your phone falls. This case offers double protection thanks to the PC & TPU combo. The case has an anti-shock technology that absorbs the impact of the fall. The Galaxy Note 10+ Plus armour case has anti-fingerprint features. This feature helps keep the phone clean.


As already mentioned, this case is crafted from a hard PC shell and an inner TPU layer. This combination offers double protection. It is also durable enough to stand the test of time. This case will not wear as fast as other cases. It also offers an easy grip when you hold it.


The cover is raised a bit to offer max protection. There are clickable buttons on the side of the case. These buttons can mimic the original feel of the phone's button.

To find the model of your Samsung device, go to Apps > Settings > More/About Device. Tap that feature and you will see the model type and the number of the device.

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