PopSockets PopGrip Licensed (Gen2), Disney Translucent Mickey Mouse Cascading Flowers



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While we cannot guarantee a universal connection, this beautifully designed grip ensures a harmonious bond between you and your phone. The Gen 2 PopGrip offers the flexibility to swap out your PopTops, customize your style, and is now compatible with wireless charging thanks to the removable PopTop. Enjoy the classic benefits of our Original PopGrips while embracing the latest fashion designs.

The PopGrip allows you to text with one hand, take better photos, and indulge in hands-free video watching with its secure grip and built-in stand. It's repositionable and adheres to most devices and cases, although it may struggle with silicone or waterproof cases. With a licensed, fashion-forward design, the PopGrip Gen 2 is an essential accessory for anyone looking to stay trendy while gaining the practical benefits of a versatile phone grip and stand.


  • Swappable PopGrips: Change your PopTops to match your style and support wireless charging.
  • PopGrip and PopTop Designs: Easily swap the top to match the latest fashion trends.
  • Secure Grip: Hold your phone securely to text and snap photos with one hand.
  • Stand Function: Watch videos on the fly with the convenient stand.
  • Repositionable: Sticks to most devices and cases, providing versatility in use.