Popsockets MagSafe Compatible PopGrip, Black

Compatible with MagSafe


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Discover unparalleled convenience and functionality with the Magnetic Phone Grip & Stand, designed for both MagSafe-compatible cases and Android cases. Thanks to the included Magnetic Adapter Ring, this versatile accessory provides a firm grip and reliable stand functionality for a wide range of smartphones.

Engineered for ease of use, the grip securely attaches to your phone's case, offering a sturdy handle for improved phone handling and an instant stand for media viewing. When it's time to charge, the grip easily slides off, allowing seamless access to MagSafe or wireless charging without the need to remove your phone from its case.

Embrace the freedom of customization and practicality with this MagSafe-compatible accessory. Whether you're navigating through busy streets, capturing the perfect photo, or enjoying your favorite video content, the Magnetic Phone Grip & Stand enhances your mobile experience without compromising on convenience or charging accessibility.


  • MagSafe and Android Compatibility: Works with MagSafe-compatible cases and Android cases using the Magnetic Adapter Ring.
  • Secure Attachment: Offers a stable grip and stand for your device, enhancing usability.
  • Easy Removal for Charging: Slides off effortlessly for unobstructed MagSafe or wireless charging.
  • Versatile Utility: Improves phone handling and provides a stand for viewing content.