PopGrip Universal Grip (Gen2) Holder, Tidepool Cosmic Escape



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This new PopGrip Universal Grip (Gen2) Holder, Tidepool Cosmic Escape features a swappable top - you can effortlessly press down on the grip when it's flat, twist it by 90 degrees, and switch out the top. Afterward, it's easy to incorporate a new PopTop or initiate wireless charging. The dimensions of the grip are 39.74 mm in diameter x 7 mm H unexpanded and 24.25 mm H when expanded.

  • Swappable Design: The new PopGrip and PopTop designs allow for an easy swap of the top to change your style as per your mood or outfit.
  • Wireless Charging Compatible: Allows for hassle-free wireless charging through easy removal of the PopTop.
  • Mountable: This PopGrip is mount compatible, providing even more convenience and functionality.
  • PopGrip Gen 2: Represents the newest generation of PopGrip technology.
  • PopGrip Gen 2 Luxe: Offers a more luxurious design for an enhanced user experience.